Silent nights…

Silence speaks a thousand words A feeble voice inside the head always speaking louder than the world; yet no one else can hear it out-loud. It speaks all the time without a stop for the mind is always restless no matter the calmness on the face. Amidst all the chaos , a silent night comes […]

Emptiness …. forever

In all of universe she was the one who had the magic to calm his mind and soul and fill his empty heart with emotions he barely recognized. He was thought provoked to  think where were these emotions before she came into his life… After a few springs he realized those feelings where once suppressed […]

Random scribbling #1

Life can be overwhelming at times, for may be its in its nature or may be its just in our head for how we see and experience a moment. One moment we are happy the next moment another emotion emerges. Upon pondering we all will get different reasons for the same. its funny how the […]