De derailed journey

Life’s a journey to be enjoyed they say, but what do u do when the journey turns onto a nightmare or unpleasant trip. Do we hang on to it? Do we stop the journey? Or do we just let it be.

Well when one person is in that situation u just cant think straight nor will one be listening to advice of others. Thats ok cause we are human at the end of day. So savor that moment n feel the emotion its ok to be lost its ok not to know things its ok to be scared. Being messed doesn’t mean there is no hope it just means you are human☺️ so enjoy every single phase even when the journey is bad.

When life’s journey gets derailed don
panic just hold on n have faith in what ever u believe in😎👍

Cheers to life



A surprising day

They say the world is small n that we meet the same people at some corner of world. Well its true!!! It was another boring sunny day n i was having me usual puff of smoke all by my self n there he is calling my name huh am like wtf who is dis guy 😒 n he intro’s himself sayin am so n so

Well since i have no interest in that person so let me get back to the main topic that is world is so small.

Sometimes we tell people that hope we never meet again but fate or destiny or whatever makes dem meet at one point again. Well that gives a nostalgic moment where our past life flashes by us. Life is simple n short so never leave a bad impression on anyone’s life since we are bound to meet that person again. Let it be simple people treat everyone how u would like to be get treated.

Cheers to life

Shot by my own….

The cool breeze from my window just hit me as i was tryin to sleep and land into my promised land i.e dreamland. So here i am with one more thought…

My elders always used to tell me saying in the end its not the unknown people who hurt, instead its from people whom we thought are our own. Well it was long time backs so never so importance to it, but as life went on and suddenly realize yes its true.

Its surprising how we can be get ripped by the ones whom we believed to be our comrades. Well its life i suppose. But what do you do when it just makes you feel sad well honestly make it a point to just take it positively.. well its not that you were naive its just that you gave that person a position in life which no one else could get.  Sometimes the pain will make you do things which you never wanted to do and thats ok cause its a process in life which one has to go through.

Well am not smart enough to provide a solution for it but yes all i can say is, YOU stood by someone who was may be not upto your expectation. Does it mean it gives you the right to become one of THEM, hell no… don be a cheater cause some one cheated on u, don be a ass cause some was treating you like one..

Stand out of the crowd stop with the crap saying world is bad place and we need to be bad also, its all bullshit. Stand for what you as an individual believe in. Remember a flock of sheep flocks together not a tiger.

People might laugh or demotivate you but thats ok cause they are just the flock of sheep.

Just cause you were shot by your own doesnt mean you also become a shooter….

Live life the right way cause end of the day There can be only one winner…

Cheers to life



Saying a good bye….

Its not the good bye that hurts, but the flashback that torments the soul. True is it not….

Take a step back n think on it well its the hard core truth. A good bye is the hardest of all emotion.

But everything that kills you makes u fee more alive.Sometimes even when we don wanna say good bye the opposite person insists on it and they go on with there decision. But you still hold on to that person sayin may be one fine day  that person will come back. But is it worth it…???

Well the answer is simple if you have the patience or thought that u can wait then yes definitely worth it irrespective of the result.

Cause anyone can say swim the ocean but it needs real strength to swim against the current. It needs a lot to bear every pain n tests which one will face while doing so. Cause sayin good bye to someone so important is not so easy as it sounds. You will realize it when you have given in your everything into that person. Let me make it simpler, forgetting someone completely is a hoax.

But why are goodbyes so painful stings, well i don know may be it is so because the time spent with that person is worth a lifetime. And those good memories no wants to lose n they want it to continue cause its worth it. IS it not funny that we cling to certain people….

Well this is for all those whom i miss and had to say goodbye even though i dint wanted too…

Cheers to life



Finding spirituailty

God doesn’t exist… Well its a common sentence i presume which most of us have used. Well come to think of it does he really  exist. Well i used to think he doesn’t until all i had was to just look up and say i give up you win god. Yes people, its true no matter how much we ignore the fact that god exists one fine day all will have is just look at the abyss and ask for help with the unseen…

Come to think of it he does exist we just chose to ignore. Well no matter how much one ignores; there comes a time in life when everything one believed is shattered, all the people one had faith in was literally broken at that particular moment we call for the unseen. One may chose to deny it but deep down inside everyone of us does call out to God whose very existence we once questioned.

And that’s when for the ignorant the journey of spirituality starts.  Well that’s how i experienced it though.

Everyone breaks down at one moment in life and he does call for the unseen and that’s ok. Cause nothing  is unbreakable. Well is it not funny when all is going down south we chose to call for the unseen. May be that’s redemption for few.

Well i want to speak more bout it but just not getting the right words as of now so until i get it….

Cheers to life …:)




Is Anger good…???

Lemme get straight to the point, Hell yeah anger is good.

Why so you ask cause anger can turn into a motivational force. Just like how a burning coal runs a steam engine. Based on the situation yes anger is good, it gives you the sheer motivation to move forward and achieve which you once thought was impossible. People might say it ain’t good it will burn you etc, but that’s ok that is their perception. Come to think of it why will some one get angry mostly listening to others and ending up no where right so why listen to any crap they say.

Let the flame of anger guide you and create opportunities. Anger is good when it has a reason and you are not responsible for that reason. Lets take up a example, lets say someone insults you and you get sad or angry. If you are sad that’s ok soon it will turn into anger. Now the next step is to converge that anger and think something productive not violent or illegal…. Once you get a productive goal say for example getting successful.

Next step is to keep the fire burning and not letting it burn you in-turn. How to make it happen well when ever you feel like giving up on anything just remember that raging moment which caused that anger inside you. Let it help you get back on your feet. Keep the goal in front of you and don stop till you reach it no matter how tough it gets. Let anger be your motivation. And remember the goal do not deviate from it.

But make sure anger does not make you a monster, a menace to society. Anger is good people trust me it helps you when everything around you is broken or not upto your expectation. To hell with being calm. Make it worth a while everything you do , everything you feel. Anger is just as good as any freaking emotions we human’s get.

And remember let anger be your motivation for success and not for destruction.

Cheers to life



The Unanswered Question

Not all questions are not meant to be answered ,a friend had once told me when i had asked the reason for the world being so beautiful yet so cruel.

Well that made me think on a different scale as to why do people refrain from giving answers for questions which they know the answer. Is it guilt, is it cowardliness, is it the greater good. Why is truth so harsh that people are scared to tell it.

What i found to be most accurate is people just don’t want to.  Life is all bout choices to many and those many chose to hide the truth. But when the question goes unanswered it leads to a impatient curious mind to start wandering off to the what, why, how, where… does it not…??

But when we go in search of answers we will get an insight to many other things related to the question finally all the collective answers adds up to the unanswered question..:)

Life is simple why complicate it, well few questions are not meant to be answered..;)