The Unanswered Question

Not all questions are not meant to be answered ,a friend had once told me when i had asked the reason for the world being so beautiful yet so cruel.

Well that made me think on a different scale as to why do people refrain from giving answers for questions which they know the answer. Is it guilt, is it cowardliness, is it the greater good. Why is truth so harsh that people are scared to tell it.

What i found to be most accurate is people just don’t want to.  Life is all bout choices to many and those many chose to hide the truth. But when the question goes unanswered it leads to a impatient curious mind to start wandering off to the what, why, how, where… does it not…??

But when we go in search of answers we will get an insight to many other things related to the question finally all the collective answers adds up to the unanswered question..:)

Life is simple why complicate it, well few questions are not meant to be answered..;)


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