Is Anger good…???

Lemme get straight to the point, Hell yeah anger is good.

Why so you ask cause anger can turn into a motivational force. Just like how a burning coal runs a steam engine. Based on the situation yes anger is good, it gives you the sheer motivation to move forward and achieve which you once thought was impossible. People might say it ain’t good it will burn you etc, but that’s ok that is their perception. Come to think of it why will some one get angry mostly listening to others and ending up no where right so why listen to any crap they say.

Let the flame of anger guide you and create opportunities. Anger is good when it has a reason and you are not responsible for that reason. Lets take up a example, lets say someone insults you and you get sad or angry. If you are sad that’s ok soon it will turn into anger. Now the next step is to converge that anger and think something productive not violent or illegal…. Once you get a productive goal say for example getting successful.

Next step is to keep the fire burning and not letting it burn you in-turn. How to make it happen well when ever you feel like giving up on anything just remember that raging moment which caused that anger inside you. Let it help you get back on your feet. Keep the goal in front of you and don stop till you reach it no matter how tough it gets. Let anger be your motivation. And remember the goal do not deviate from it.

But make sure anger does not make you a monster, a menace to society. Anger is good people trust me it helps you when everything around you is broken or not upto your expectation. To hell with being calm. Make it worth a while everything you do , everything you feel. Anger is just as good as any freaking emotions we human’s get.

And remember let anger be your motivation for success and not for destruction.

Cheers to life



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