Shot by my own….

The cool breeze from my window just hit me as i was tryin to sleep and land into my promised land i.e dreamland. So here i am with one more thought…

My elders always used to tell me saying in the end its not the unknown people who hurt, instead its from people whom we thought are our own. Well it was long time backs so never so importance to it, but as life went on and suddenly realize yes its true.

Its surprising how we can be get ripped by the ones whom we believed to be our comrades. Well its life i suppose. But what do you do when it just makes you feel sad well honestly make it a point to just take it positively.. well its not that you were naive its just that you gave that person a position in life which no one else could get.  Sometimes the pain will make you do things which you never wanted to do and thats ok cause its a process in life which one has to go through.

Well am not smart enough to provide a solution for it but yes all i can say is, YOU stood by someone who was may be not upto your expectation. Does it mean it gives you the right to become one of THEM, hell no… don be a cheater cause some one cheated on u, don be a ass cause some was treating you like one..

Stand out of the crowd stop with the crap saying world is bad place and we need to be bad also, its all bullshit. Stand for what you as an individual believe in. Remember a flock of sheep flocks together not a tiger.

People might laugh or demotivate you but thats ok cause they are just the flock of sheep.

Just cause you were shot by your own doesnt mean you also become a shooter….

Live life the right way cause end of the day There can be only one winner…

Cheers to life



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