The unsent letters…..#2

Dear past, this is regarding the times i felt it was too good to be true situation.
When i sit beside you watchin the sunset at the beach, the wind blowing n making your hair flutter like the wings of the butterfly and you slowly set it back smiling gracefully and i just think is it really me who is sittin beside you, it makes me feel insecure thinking that damn will i really get to marry this angel.
Huh when i ask you the same you say yes but trust me inside my heart the insecurity is at its peak.
Everyone says that how in the world did a easy going guy like you end up with such a pretty gal like you, and i jus say i feel in love with the person and not the beauty.
Is it too good to be true, huh i never knew i would get to spend time with such a wonderful person. Your smile makes me forget all that am worried bout, its gives me faith hope and strength. Its not too much to tell but you are my strength my weakness for you are my everything. Touch wood its going on well till date hope it remains so forever😃 cause my smile is dependent on your smile and your company😄
The world may deprive me of anything but i wont let it tke away you from me.
The silent waves of ocean the wind the people the sky the world altogether i forget when am beside you and make me think . Dear god is it too good to be true

Cheers to life



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