Being a monster

Funny how the world works huh, if we stop following the masses n begin to question the logics u are ridiculed.
If you are good n nice n all those crappy shit people mess around you. They will use u they will laugh at you. But the moment your patience n heart is broken, that’s the moment the hidden monster inside u wakes up n u start giving back to the.  World what ever shit it threw against u. And yes the world shall call u a monster. That’s ok cause u would reached the stage where u no longer care that my friend is the level of awesome to the highest level
Almost 90% of the world is made up of hypocrites, jackasses etc etc it is upto u whether u wanna follow them or walk the path u believe in. Being a monster upstraight is better than wearing a innocents mask n doing works of a monster. Being real is what this world needs.
Be a monster cause sometimes the world doesn’t need a hero all it needs is a monster which they themselves created…
the world exploits a good person to be extent that he doesn’t not give a fuck bout the good the bad the ugly n end of the day the same dumb fucks who created a monster get all judgemental, well that’s ok that’s there worth. They are afraid that the monster that u have become will expose the hypocrisy the drama of the fake.
Remember  it’s ok to fall down but when u get back up make sure no one dares to put you down. Grow so powerful that even your worst of enemies stay away n best of friends also don dare to fuck around u
Be the monster be that one things u always kept inside u just cause u are good

Cheers to life




Funny fake people…..

Such a cheap place, its too hot here, india is so poor in terms of infrastructure. well these wre the lines which i used to hear from few frnds of mine when they used to come on vacation to india from there work country. This was before i saw the actual side of their argument thru own exp. ok so dear bashers of my motherland sorry to be harsh but are u f**king kidding me u bunch of hypocrites
Let me go on detail u call india to be dirty n corrupt ok , my question is who made it my dear frnd people like us so u don get to compare it to other countries; mainly because in our own country u behave lightly in terms of rules m regulation but the moment u step out of my country u suddenly become all decent honest n crap. Why cant u follow the same in our country .
U tell in india u cannot make money or save it. Well buddy u don mind paying half u r salary as rent eating outside n working as a slave yet u r pride is not hurt but jus cause salary is less india is worthless to u.
Ok next point when in home town ppl act so decent and all but wre is all tat when u outside the country.
Haha i can go on n on about this however punch line is simple

Be real stop the double standards n stop blaming u r own country. It does not make u superior it only makes u a fool

So next time when some one talks shit bout our country jus tell dem get a life a#%%le i knw wat u do outside

Character is not judged on u r behavior when ppl are around it is to be judged based one’s action when no one is looking

Stay real n honest or else STFU

Cheers to life



Mummy ……

The most peaceful place in the world is said to be a mothers lap. It can sooth one to sleep whilst any tension. It can bring a smile even when its hard to look up.
A mother knows it all mo matter how old we get to a mother we still are her babies.
Funny is it not we may be no matter how old we get no matter how far we get from her but when in pain we cry out sayin mummy.
Mummy, amma, mai, different language but one emotion. She is the one whom we can back on. She sees us growing up n gettin far yet she still finds happiness in our success whether we remember her or not. She silently prays for us no matter what. She still will stay up waiting for us to reach home n serve food. She is ready to eat leftover’s but will serve fresh food to us.
No matter how far we go when we sad she will always be there
Life sometimes gets so rough that one asks , mummy can i go back onto your womb cause a mother will go to any extent to protect her child.
Mothers love is unconditionally divine, we may leave her hand but she shall always stand behind us

Mummy miss u 😩

Cheers to life