The crazy night….

It was way past mid night on a rainy day, the weather was all cold n dark. As I opened the door of my mind n heart searching for answers for questions which most of the people would say philosophical, yes I was asking my self what the fuck is the ultimate goal of life. … Continue reading The crazy night….


But you did not wait for me ….

Oh my prince i thou shall wait for you No matter the pain ,no matter the wrath which society ,family and friends may shower ¬†upon me. For i know what you are, who you are. I said not a word but believed what you had spoken above But you did not wait for me.. I … Continue reading But you did not wait for me ….

One way ticket to hell

Heaven and hell, the two places where a human apparently goes after death based on his deeds while alive. The place which no one has seen in there life time but only described in holy books and interpreted in many ways by different people. This just makes me think most of people act good for … Continue reading One way ticket to hell