The crazy night….

It was way past mid night on a rainy day, the weather was all cold n dark. As I opened the door of my mind n heart searching for answers for questions which most of the people would say philosophical, yes I was asking my self what the fuck is the ultimate goal of life. Is it just settle down earn money n success or is it to sit think on such stupid things.

Funny how life is marginalized to just earn spend n all. Is it all needed?? What bout looking out for the ones who don’t even have a roof above them, what bout someone who has lost his everything, what bout the soldier guarding our borders. Current society is so self centered that a person us ready to give a 100rs tip at a hotel but will shoo away a beggar asking for food.

Its kind off sad n disturbing how society is losing its value.  And I jus realized the weather is kinda like the society cold n dark….

Always help when u can, share when u are provided with excess. Cause not all are lucky. Be humble be a human …..

Cheers to life




But you did not wait for me ….

Oh my prince i thou shall wait for you

No matter the pain ,no matter the wrath which society ,family and friends may shower  upon me.

For i know what you are, who you are.

I said not a word but believed what you had spoken above

But you did not wait for me..

I ravaged a fight against the world for i believed that you were waiting..

I ripped apart relations, friendship thinking that my princess is in weary hell awaiting my arrival.

I fought a battle which was not worthy of my ignorance….

Finally when i was going for the final blow to our oppressors

You told me i am barbarian of the dark ages

you saw me fighting alone for you yet you were mum

I was tired yet i fought ,i was alone still i kept on because i trusted you.

But you did not wait for me..

You called me a uncivilized peasant unworthy of a princess and

the moment the battle was bout to get over you joined hands with the ones whom i was fighting against.

You took the sword from my hand and stabbed right in my chest and you did not even wait for me to explain cause you had switched sides

I await even now but deep inside i know you did not wait for me……..:(

One way ticket to hell

Heaven and hell, the two places where a human apparently goes after death based on his deeds while alive. The place which no one has seen in there life time but only described in holy books and interpreted in many ways by different people.

This just makes me think most of people act good for the sake of this heaven, why doesn’t the bad people worry bout hell in which they are supposed to reach after death. Is it the illusion of an unseen promised for the good which motivates people to be good or is it just the character and principle in a human that allows him to be good.

Anyways coming to the main topic its hell. Hell, the residency of Satan/Devil which is a burning furnace and all sinners are sent there it seems for there bad deeds. So why is it not so scary to people who do bad things is it that they are no afraid to go there or is it that they do not believe in all that hokas pokas

The horrible idea or concept of hell and heaven itself is just a marketing  strategy of religious heads to sell there bullshit. Yet they apparently are the guide to show the rest crowd the pathway too heaven. Ever thought this way we ignore the poor who come to ask for alms and yet we are ready to shed enough money just to show off and they give to religious institution and they go to heaven cause he is doing some rituals or paying bribe by visiting the religious institution once a week or daily or what so ever it is.

Same time if we do not follow the “book” and if we question certain facts we go to hell since we are apparently we are going against god or the “imaginary guy ” upstairs.  Heaven or hell its all in the mind probabaly a made up place to instigate people to believe towards a higher power.

As the late Christopher hitchens said “What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.” Well its upto people what they want to believe in ,same time do not impose on others too. 

Anyways this is my point of view incase you wanna know more please go to YouTube n watch Christopher hitchens, Richard dawkins, Sam harris they provide with beautiful explanation till then i rest my case n in case anyone is offended then please start thinking.


Cheers to life