Say something to my soul

I have seen you smile at me when i was around looking at the stars..

I have seen you looking at me when i fell beyond reach…

I have seen you looking at me when i was happy..

All i ask is why haven’t you said anything to my soul..

You made me smile picked me up when i was not able to get up, you made me happy.

And i told you all this but why haven’t you said anything to my soul.

All i ever knew was i could never trust someone again but u said the right words and changed me..

But why haven’t you said anything to my soul….

I kept my unspoken words inside my head then you came along and unlocked it.

From then i have not been able to keep quite ever since

I never seen the bad side of you yet i never believed you had a bad side of you.

All i ask is why haven’t you said anything to my soul…………

Cheers to life



Forever is an lie…..

“karmany evadhikaras te
ma phalesu kadachana
ma karma-phala-hetur bhur
ma te sango ’stv akarmani” (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Two verse 47)

Meaning “You have the right to perform your prescribed duty, but you  are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself the  cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not  doing your duty.”

It is one of my favorite quote from The Bhagavad gita.

Some where down the line i feel it is applicable to relationship as well, huh funny right some of us put in everything we got into a relationship with some bit of expectation. And we end in a delusion that it is gonna last forever. Yet most of the time we end with heart aches and breakdowns. Well i think the above quote is best suited for such situations.

We have the right to shower all our love, trust and affection into a person but we have no right to expect something in return cause if we are doing with expectation it becomes a  trade or a bargain of some sort rather than a emotion. So lets sink in for a moment the fact that forever is a lie. Where is it connected you ask , well ok i think most of us might have thought that the relation shall last forever.

the best way to not to get hurt is to act as if you have no freaking heart. You may end up having less people around but surely it will save a lot of pain.

The main problem with the heart is it thinks everything is forever even when deep down inside we all that it is not. But the problem is there it is when we are down and we think that the love the care the help we showed to few will earn us back the right to get the same treatment from them, yes few may give but the fuck up is when we do not get it from the one we believed wouldn’t give up on us.

The fact is simple nothing lasts forever expect change not love not friendship nor our sorrows nor the sadness.

Change, people that’s the only thing that is forever…

Cheers to life


Grandma, my saviour

Grandmother — a wonderful mother with lots of practice. ~Author Unknown

Well it says it all, Huh childhood is made memorable only cause of grandma’s and that’s what i experienced.

The waiting for my uncles to come and pick me to take me to my grandparents house still brings tears of joy.  Every vacation i used to get from school i used to go home and start telling my mom saying send me near grandma even fight till i reach there.  As i reach grandma always used to tell and still tells my little boy has become so weak but don worry now granny will make you get all well. Huh thus starts 2 months of 5star treatment. Lot of pampering and love better and top class than the mother who gave birth itself.

And all toys and chocolates at your feet all you have to do is just ask or cry really hard..hehehehe

Best part is how we can complain against parents and even if its our mistake grandma’s always take our side and tells wait my little man let your mom come i will scold her..hahah the epic one is when our parents come and we do some  naughty things and they get angry we just hide behind grandma and she stands there like a great wall protecting us…

I must say i am lucky to have my grandma every time i fell in life i knew one person will always stand by me, who will always understand the pain when i say am fine.. for every time i fall more than me she feels the pain.

Even if its a small cold she will fall behind me as if its some killer disease which has stuck me. The smile on her face reminds me why i should stand back on my feet when i fall. She is like my conscience walking around in person guiding me helping me and supporting me. I know one thing for sure i may fall and lose friends or anyone but one person shall always stand by my side and that is my grandma.

Still remember the times when my vacation comes to an end and my dad and mom used to come to take me back home and i used to act like as i am in deep sleep whole day thinking that parents wont take me back since am sleeping. But dad comes and wakes me up and i start crying and grandma comes and tells in pampering voice tells relax my child go now will come to visit and somehow manages to send me along with parents. N yes who can forget the pocket money which she puts in our pocket saying son keep it save it don waste it…

Those were the days then we all grow up and  get busy surviving life and yet that old soul still sees us a small kid.  Who still stays son do have money in your pocket, son do u eat , son hope u are getting enough sleep. The one person who still tells be careful while crossing road and all those silly yet loving things.

This is dedicated to my grandma, who made me the man i am today for teaching that life without principles is not a life worth living. Thank you grandma for teaching me to be a good man than a rich  man. You are my strength my guide my motivation.  I may not be the same old kid but my heart still is still like that 2 year old boy who once irritated and made you and grandpa run around to make me stop playing in water when you both used to water the garden…. Grandma i am still the old putta… Thank you love you….

cheers to life



Mother nature

Every night i gaze at the star filled skies as if am looking into the abyss and i wonder there are so many beautiful things in life which mother nature has showered upon us, yet we fail to see it.

It is so simple and elegant how just staring at the sky can make one think so deeply.Life is so easy itseems at point and then comes the hard times when everything seem so hard and tough to survive.  The beauty of anything always based on the eyes of the watcher they say, so true.

We live in a society which feels having a big house, driving a costly car etc is happiness, may be we need to just turn our self away from all the modern gadgets and just lye down on a patch of grass and just stare at the sky enjoy the beauty of the galaxy, camp out in a forest , trek a mountain,. Wow just writing about it makes me feel so happy.

We have lost touch with mother nature lucky were our ancestors i feel who were so involved and based their life around nature. No touch of technology and the pollution living happily with a content life.

Cheers to life



Just honour…..

Death before dishonor…..

The code of army conduct, the ultimate motto. 3 words which can instigate burning fury in the heart of the brave and the good.  In an world of dishonest, disloyal runts it is not easy to be  straight forward. But that what separates men from boys.  So what does it take to be honorable, well every person has a different perspective towards it but end of day the fact remains the same that it is better to die rather be disloyal.

I came across this saying may be ten years ago while going thru some book.Since then its been a part of my lifestyle. So let me explain the concept as per my point of view. To me honor is keeping up the principles that you believe in, to keep up the promises made no matter what the situation. Never give up on your principles no matter what. As the Ghorkas would say Kafar Hunu Bhanda Marnu Ramro (Better to die than live like a coward) now that’s honor n valor. Its true pen is mightier than the sword. When words as such can motivate the heck out of any brave-heart.

What is the point of life if there is no principles involved and followed.It is easy to say that we have honor but very difficult to show it in action. The world does always need a hero  at times needs a monster to show the value of goodness. As the great dictator Mussolini said ” It  is with valor i say that i have done few mistakes in life, but it was only to protect my honor”. The ideology behind this is simple never never give up in what you believe in no matter the odds. The world is a battlefield not every one shall fight with honor, that does not make up a reason for the others to not to follow the code of honor. You see not all are meant to be knight in shining armour. Thats what seperates men from boys

Cheers to life