Grandma, my saviour

Grandmother — a wonderful mother with lots of practice. ~Author Unknown

Well it says it all, Huh childhood is made memorable only cause of grandma’s and that’s what i experienced.

The waiting for my uncles to come and pick me to take me to my grandparents house still brings tears of joy.  Every vacation i used to get from school i used to go home and start telling my mom saying send me near grandma even fight till i reach there.  As i reach grandma always used to tell and still tells my little boy has become so weak but don worry now granny will make you get all well. Huh thus starts 2 months of 5star treatment. Lot of pampering and love better and top class than the mother who gave birth itself.

And all toys and chocolates at your feet all you have to do is just ask or cry really hard..hehehehe

Best part is how we can complain against parents and even if its our mistake grandma’s always take our side and tells wait my little man let your mom come i will scold her..hahah the epic one is when our parents come and we do some  naughty things and they get angry we just hide behind grandma and she stands there like a great wall protecting us…

I must say i am lucky to have my grandma every time i fell in life i knew one person will always stand by me, who will always understand the pain when i say am fine.. for every time i fall more than me she feels the pain.

Even if its a small cold she will fall behind me as if its some killer disease which has stuck me. The smile on her face reminds me why i should stand back on my feet when i fall. She is like my conscience walking around in person guiding me helping me and supporting me. I know one thing for sure i may fall and lose friends or anyone but one person shall always stand by my side and that is my grandma.

Still remember the times when my vacation comes to an end and my dad and mom used to come to take me back home and i used to act like as i am in deep sleep whole day thinking that parents wont take me back since am sleeping. But dad comes and wakes me up and i start crying and grandma comes and tells in pampering voice tells relax my child go now will come to visit and somehow manages to send me along with parents. N yes who can forget the pocket money which she puts in our pocket saying son keep it save it don waste it…

Those were the days then we all grow up and  get busy surviving life and yet that old soul still sees us a small kid.  Who still stays son do have money in your pocket, son do u eat , son hope u are getting enough sleep. The one person who still tells be careful while crossing road and all those silly yet loving things.

This is dedicated to my grandma, who made me the man i am today for teaching that life without principles is not a life worth living. Thank you grandma for teaching me to be a good man than a rich  man. You are my strength my guide my motivation.  I may not be the same old kid but my heart still is still like that 2 year old boy who once irritated and made you and grandpa run around to make me stop playing in water when you both used to water the garden…. Grandma i am still the old putta… Thank you love you….

cheers to life



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