Mother nature

Every night i gaze at the star filled skies as if am looking into the abyss and i wonder there are so many beautiful things in life which mother nature has showered upon us, yet we fail to see it.

It is so simple and elegant how just staring at the sky can make one think so deeply.Life is so easy itseems at point and then comes the hard times when everything seem so hard and tough to survive.  The beauty of anything always based on the eyes of the watcher they say, so true.

We live in a society which feels having a big house, driving a costly car etc is happiness, may be we need to just turn our self away from all the modern gadgets and just lye down on a patch of grass and just stare at the sky enjoy the beauty of the galaxy, camp out in a forest , trek a mountain,. Wow just writing about it makes me feel so happy.

We have lost touch with mother nature lucky were our ancestors i feel who were so involved and based their life around nature. No touch of technology and the pollution living happily with a content life.

Cheers to life



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