Hopeless dreams of the fallen

O mighty universe, what have i done to u  Why u conspire against me everytime i get to state of total happiness You give me seconds of happiness and hours of sadness I have nothing against you yet why do you still give hopeless dreams to the fallen I have lost the sanity of mind  … Continue reading Hopeless dreams of the fallen


Forgiving the no good✌🏻️

Forgive n forget they said is the best cure to heal oneself of the past. well easy remedy you may feel, but really is it that easy. No way in hell it is but is it worth it i do not know... but do the sinners deserve it well that depends from case to case … Continue reading Forgiving the no good✌🏻️

You stand tall n i stand proud

"I laugh when i think of the past, it was so pathetic ". Exact words of a 'friend' of mine. How people change so quickly that they forget from where they came from. Is it not the truth thst when a person gets money power n status he forgets his humble beginnings. The words of … Continue reading You stand tall n i stand proud