Hopeless dreams of the fallen

O mighty universe, what have i done to u 

Why u conspire against me everytime i get to state of total happiness

You give me seconds of happiness and hours of sadness

I have nothing against you yet why do you still give hopeless dreams to the fallen

I have lost the sanity of mind 

I have seen myself fall from grace yet i stood still

I have seen you play games and lose 

Are you takin the revenge of others on me

I stood loyal n faithful till the end

I fought a losing battle of love n trust

Oh universe why do u give hopeless dreams to the fallen

I was betrayed cause i loved too much

I was insulted a lot cause i respected more 

I sent day n night shedding tears of hopeless prayers to the unseen god

Drank till i lost my conscience just to forget that happy life i once shared with an angel

You took away the angel when i almost united with her in heaven n put me down to hell

Yet you gave hope n still keep hope inside me

Oh universe why do you give hopeless dreams to the fallen

I know that my dream of reuniting witj my angel is jus a hope within me for which i fight my mind m heart 

Oh universe why do u give hopeless dreams to the fallen when u knw i have fallen onto the abyss of my own doing😔

Dedicated to the person who gives me sleepless night even now after almost a year 




Forgiving the no good✌🏻️

Forgive n forget they said is the best cure to heal oneself of the past. well easy remedy you may feel, but really is it that easy. No way in hell it is but is it worth it i do not know… but do the sinners deserve it well that depends from case to case huh too many conditions n loophole aint it….

well for a while forget the forgive concept and lets look from a reality view point. Can we really forgive the ones who hurt us well ….. No would be my answer but do they deserve to be in my head eating up my happiness … Nope definetly no. So what to with it well answer is simple put it out, shout top of your voice, punch a punchin bag, go for a ride make whatever makes u calm may be drink on it n in the end think n make a commitment to yourself that u are not gonna let those people swallow your happiness even if they come infront of you. Make peace with those suckers and be happy cause end of day your happiness is as important as anyone elses.  

And if nothin works then definetly punch them in there face …oh yeah😝😝😝 jus kidding if it doesnt work then talk to them n try to resolve your thought process cause there mit be mistake from both of you guys end.

Make peace if not it will surely kill you mentally

Cheers to life


You stand tall n i stand proud

“I laugh when i think of the past, it was so pathetic “. Exact words of a ‘friend’ of mine. How people change so quickly that they forget from where they came from. Is it not the truth thst when a person gets money power n status he forgets his humble beginnings.

The words of my friend jus made me go back to the old days when both of us were studying n used to share even to eat at a good restaurant.  What that person calls pathetic now, was once moments of happiness. Funny how some people are so inconsiderate for other peoples feelings. They fail to see the pain behind a smile n go on pushing u down. Thats alright cause remember that person may be standin tall but u are standing proud for they broke u to make themselves feel powerful. But u know there beginings. 

What am tryin to say is if you cant be humble then your success is nothing but a load of ego filled balloon which can be burst😁 

Amyway people remember gratidude makes you while bad attitude breaks you.  Do not forget those who helped you in your struggles cause remember patience has a limit and when it breaks you may end up being cut short of standing tall…..

Cheers to life



Christopher hitchens…..

“What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.”

This is what Hitchens told when he was asked to prove the non existence of god. Now this topic might be very sentimental to the majority of the crowd. But i would rather take that chance. Well i am new to this but to be honest i think it is really opening my eyes to a world of new ideas and making me ask questions at a logically level.

So to start off i was not a believer nor a non believer i was fighting a battle of my own. I came to know about Hitchens when i was reading a comment in a online website and that motivated me to go to google and check out who this guy is . NAd from there i started reading his literature and his debates online. Also i was saddened to know that he had died back in 2011.

So who is this Christopher Hitchens.. ?? Ok he was a writer, a thinker and a debater. He was an atheist who slayed all the theist with logic and witty answers. He never gave a damn bout what people potrayed him as. He lived life by his own rules. Now be advised am recently reading this guy so i do not have much info and all this i gathered from google.

He was a drinker , a smoker which ultimately took his life. But he was a genius may it when he was sober or drunk.  The way he interprets and explains the atheist concepts and why he ridicules religion is a treat to the eyes and ears.

A comrade of the logical thinkers, an enemy to the half witted. He fought against religious dogma. He had a lot of enemies but he did not stop believing in what he stood for. The charismatic character the witty humor and yes the sword made of logic slashed the opponent right in the middle.

He was one of the four horse of the atheist world.Through his belief he had accumulated a lot of enemies from the religious side but stood by the principles he preached.

rest in peace

cheers to life



Gem of life….   

“Gem of life”, its a weird title well for a moment lets keep aside grammar.

Ok gem as everyone knows is a precious stone. Well lets try to sink in that meaning into a person. We  might have heard of saying that he or she is a gem of a person. Well i never could find what it really meant basically cause how can a person be valued in a materialistic term. Tried finding that category of people couldn’t find still. Well then i just realized i was looking at the wrong people. Well weird how we invest our happiness and  search for perfections in others when we ourselves are not trying to be what we expect others to be.  Lets be honest here,am sure each and everyone of us always tried to find a good friend, a good partner, a good job etc. But have we introspected deep down whether we are what we are expecting others to be. But at times everyone has a stroke of luck they do find that gem of life rather everyone gets it but destiny fate or xyz places a dirty game. Yet we are never realize it.

Well luck or what ever its all bout how we wait for that gem in life it may take month or years or may be a whole life. But make sure when you find that gem do not i say do not let go no matter what cause doesnt strike twice .

Its funny how one person breaks your entire life right infront of you and brings you to your knees and suddenly after you have cried a river for that person, a Savior comes out of the blue and just makes you forget everything and binds back the  broken pieces and makes you smile deep from the heart and turn you back to the good person from the monster that the former person had turned you into.

Well its all good as long as you can smile back and be the good person you once were.

cheers to life

Airboy 89


Bengaluru days……

Nama bengaluru, capaital of karnataka n the IT hub of India. I think thats enough info bout the importance of the city.

Writing this sittin in the bus headin back to nama kudla😁  came here on a agenda to kill something that was killin me.. But yet again i lost 

Funny aint it how a thing or a place or a enitity can kill you from the inside without the outside world knowing bout it one bit😂😂😂

N for what nothing but bloody emotions.  I travelled most of southern  karnataka even though bengaluru does not have the greenery n ambience which i prefer it still has something which pulls me back. 

Its the busy life style the packes buses the memories i created ah. It kinda reminds of the kannada song “neene sakida geni” roughly translated to say the parrot which u cared for turned out to be a vulture which bit u.

Funny aint it how we create memories thinking the person associated with it shall last long unto death.

I came thinking i had conqured it all but to my dismay i was wrong….

The person is thousand of miles away singing the happy song whilst i search the sane streets once we roamed upon only to know that i am living a fake reality….

Well here’s to bengaluru a city close as well disliked by me for many reasons… Cheers 

Cheers to life

Airboy 89

  • Dedicated to the one n the only , who is jus a memory … Live free for u have seen bondage n i shall await bonded for i miss the bond 😢