Christopher hitchens…..

“What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.” This is what Hitchens told when he was asked to prove the non existence of god. Now this topic might be very sentimental to the majority of the crowd. But i would rather take that chance. Well i am new to this but to […]

Gem of life….   

“Gem of life”, its a weird title well for a moment lets keep aside grammar. Ok gem as everyone knows is a precious stone. Well lets try to sink in that meaning into a person. We  might have heard of saying that he or she is a gem of a person. Well i never could […]

Bengaluru days……

Nama bengaluru, capaital of karnataka n the IT hub of India. I think thats enough info bout the importance of the city. Writing this sittin in the bus headin back to nama kudla😁  came here on a agenda to kill something that was killin me.. But yet again i lost  Funny aint it how a […]