Christopher hitchens…..

“What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.”

This is what Hitchens told when he was asked to prove the non existence of god. Now this topic might be very sentimental to the majority of the crowd. But i would rather take that chance. Well i am new to this but to be honest i think it is really opening my eyes to a world of new ideas and making me ask questions at a logically level.

So to start off i was not a believer nor a non believer i was fighting a battle of my own. I came to know about Hitchens when i was reading a comment in a online website and that motivated me to go to google and check out who this guy is . NAd from there i started reading his literature and his debates online. Also i was saddened to know that he had died back in 2011.

So who is this Christopher Hitchens.. ?? Ok he was a writer, a thinker and a debater. He was an atheist who slayed all the theist with logic and witty answers. He never gave a damn bout what people potrayed him as. He lived life by his own rules. Now be advised am recently reading this guy so i do not have much info and all this i gathered from google.

He was a drinker , a smoker which ultimately took his life. But he was a genius may it when he was sober or drunk.  The way he interprets and explains the atheist concepts and why he ridicules religion is a treat to the eyes and ears.

A comrade of the logical thinkers, an enemy to the half witted. He fought against religious dogma. He had a lot of enemies but he did not stop believing in what he stood for. The charismatic character the witty humor and yes the sword made of logic slashed the opponent right in the middle.

He was one of the four horse of the atheist world.Through his belief he had accumulated a lot of enemies from the religious side but stood by the principles he preached.

rest in peace

cheers to life



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Seeing life from different perspective like "everyone else". A bit of a realistic person and bit of "hope" there are fairy tale ending too type. Love travelling, reading drinking scotch and write whatever comes to mind for i have no certain type of genre since I write for my joy for my relaxation and peace of mind. I like to be what i am rather than be what others want me to be at times can be a stubborn ass and sometimes soft totally depending on the way i get treated. Love being alone even though its not my choice. Love listening to music and sip scotch as i dose off to dream land .... Rest you can find in my post so why don you just check them out... on instagram @the_hkesh on face book @

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