The unsent letters # 3

Continuing the series  of unsent letters, its been a while since i wrote bout it so here it goes.

Dear past, this letter is to say sorry for what ever i remember that i did wrong if i missed out on any which you feel was wrong kindly has the grace to let it slide for i am burdened with a lot as of now.

There was a time where i was adamant, egoistic and every other word in the dictionary which defines my doing and satisfies your mind. I am no saint same time am not a bad person as well. Like every other person on this wide world i have done my bit of right and wrongs. I had lied to you bout certain things, which i later on accepted on my own and asked for forgiveness. It was the biggest crime i feel that i accepted my mistake for it took a deadly toll of my life. But same time i couldn’t keep it hidden cause i knew you trusted as much as i trusted you. But may be i trusted you a little too much. A grateful that u stood by me in my good and bad times. I am sorry i couldn’t be part of your success since you had already left me behind and walked that path without me. May be it was me you held you back fearing your safety for i felt you are a kid and do not know the bad of the world.  I have lost temper at times am really sorry for that. I tried to stop you from going away from since i feared that i might lose you forever, which in the future cam true. Even then when you were letting go i tried to hold on to you and at that instant it turned out a very ugly scene for you mistook me for each and everything i said or did. Later on after you quit on me i tried to get in touch with and you felt it as if am trying to steal your peace of mind am sorry that. Then there the recent happenings when i went all crazy hee-haw .. You heard the news from others and you were angry for it am sorry. I do not know what is the biggest blunders that i have done for which you are being a bad person for me. A, sorry for being still lost in your memories. I tried my best but i couldn’t for i know only to create memories and not destroy it. I have seen the best and worst of you. Why is it that you are not able to see the good in me and only judge me based on someone else’s view point. Am sorry but you are wrong to judge me based on others inputs for you know me betters than those no good doers. You know the path i been through of which they do not have the slightest idea about. Am sorry that i speak bout you with my closed one its with a hope that at least one of them might tell you how much i miss you .

Am sorry that you believe the world more than you believe me. I am sorry for the times i made you cry sorry for the times i was late sorry for the times which ever you feel i was wrong for i have tried to think over it again and again. I am no saint but same time am i no devil that you have currently portrayed me in your mind.

Am sorry that i was being honest with you am sorry that i was being loyal and true for now i learnt that the world runs on the rule of hypocrisy and falseness.. Am sorry i cannot be as such, for it is not in my blood and my principles for i believe in death before dishonor.

You may ponder why am i asking sorry on a web stage, well let the world know am wrong, for you trust the world more than you trust me. Hope someone reads this out to you and hope you think in an open mind and not from any bad perspective. And yes it is directed to that one person whom i speak of every now and then so friends and foes that person is right about me am wrong and am sorry ……… AM really sorry for i still remember you and wish i could change everything that happened given a chance… Forever 

This is for the one person if anyone reads kindly pass it on for i am restricted to talk to that person

Cheers to life



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