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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge:



Two watches, this is my symbol. Representing the past and the present. The black watch represents the present, while other one is the past. There is a reason for it. The steel chronograph was a gift from the girl whom i spent the best days of my life and was later ditched by her without a reason. The black ceramic watch was a gift by myself to me. Both have a story, an emotion, a tale to tell. The past is kind off has more sentimental value to me so i have been holding onto it for past 7 years. It reminds me of a time i spent with a person who made me smile for no reason yet hurt me in the end for the same…:( It also signifies the bright and shiny days which i had with her. While the new black watch was a birthday gift that i gifted my self represents the darkness of my life which started after she left me. And both of them put together represents a greater philosophy and that is “Time and tide waits for none”, look how the watch is still showing time n date, its been almost a year since i lost her. Yet time didn’t stop there it continues to bring a new day. Time didn’t stop when she left me it moved on. Only one who stood there was me who couldn’t move…. Time goes on but feels don’t. And that is represented in the pic. For i stood still when time didn’t……. The watch which she gifted is still there even though she is in someone else’s life. And that my fellow beings is what you can time changes everything even time itself…

Cheers to life



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