Always Something There to Remind Me

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Always Something There to Remind Me.”

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Music is an alternate medicine for many at times. Music soothes the mind when no one else can calm us down. Personally i have a lot of songs which has a personal resemblance to my life.  So here is how few songs reminds me of few things in life.


Whenever i listen to the song “In the End”by Linkin park, i slowly slip away into the struggles, the heart aches, the fight and the situations i went through to be in the current situation which is kind off much more worse. The song reminds me of my fall from grace. It pricks me every time as if it is a mocking me and the things i did in my life for one single person. And as the songs finishes it starts an anger an need to get back from the ashes in me. It is in short the story of my past 8 yrs of life in a song.

Funny though how a song can evoke such powerful emotions of a being.  It kind off gives me a trailer in my mind of how things changed in my life since 2007, how i struggled to reach a stability in life and finally when i was enjoying it; Baamm got hit by the one thing i hate the most betrayal…. Life is never the same ever since June 2014. And this song gives me the very strength why i need to get back up despite the trouble i been thru and still going thru.. SO thank you linkin park….:)  Cause i have been NUMB, WAITING FOR THE END TO COME yet IN THE END i felt like i was in a CASTLE OF GLASS FROM THE INSIDE i BLEED OUT to BREAKING THE HABIT and said to my self NO MORE SORROW cause SOMEWERE I BELONG….:)

Cheers to life



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Seeing life from different perspective like "everyone else". A bit of a realistic person and bit of "hope" there are fairy tale ending too type. Love travelling, reading drinking scotch and write whatever comes to mind for i have no certain type of genre since I write for my joy for my relaxation and peace of mind. I like to be what i am rather than be what others want me to be at times can be a stubborn ass and sometimes soft totally depending on the way i get treated. Love being alone even though its not my choice. Love listening to music and sip scotch as i dose off to dream land .... Rest you can find in my post so why don you just check them out... on instagram @the_hkesh on face book @

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