The kid who looked up to the skies…

He stood there hungry and drenching in his sweat from the hot summer, he was a loner. orphaned at a very young age the streets gave him shelter the kind heart one’s gave him food. He was kind to all, never spoke much. He used to play with street dogs and learned the hard way that a dogs loyalty is more than that of human.

He used to go near by shrines where he saw the rich the poor just sit and mumble things in front of “God”, he always wondered whom were they mumbling to and what were they mumbling. So he went to this old man who used to sell tea near by and asked him what was that place and why do people go there. For which the old man said” It is place of worship my son where people go to pray”. Surprised by hearing the word GOD for the first time the kid asked for more info with the old man. The old man gave an explanation best of his knowledge taking the side of god.

As the curtains of sunlight were bought down and night fall came, he looked up at the skies and for the first time started looking for GOD of which the old man told him. He saw million and billion of star and the shining moon. But no one seemed to answer him as he spoke. He was disheartened. And cried away himself to sleep with an empty stomach cause in trying to understand the concept of god he forgot to beg for food.

Next day as the rays of sun hit his small teary eyes he woke up and again looked up and tried to speak with GOD.  He went on to his routine begging for food. Luckily he found some leftovers at a rich mans house. Eating it he joyfully went near the old man and said he tried speaking to god but god did not respond to him. The old man laughed and said god does not talk in such ways. the astonished boy was angered and said “what kind of person is he ? who does not have the courtesy to respond back when some one is talkin to him”. The old man looking at the innocence of the child said ” Yes i know child, my wife also used to tell the same when i used to spend hours together pleading him to cure my wife’s cancer. But i do not know how he speaks. For i have stopped talking to him for almost 10 yrs now since my wife died.”.

Confused with the words of the old man the small boy went off to play with the dogs and he started talking to the dogs. Even though the dog did not speak it was wagging its tail and playing around which made the boy forget the questions in mind about god.

At the start of night fall i boy decided to sleep off near the mountain this time. As he reached the old abandoned house in the mountain he again saw the star filled sky. Much to his surprise he saw a man near by looking up to sky in huge pipe kind off contraption. walking up to the man the boy asked ” hey mister are you also trying to talk to god..?”. Surprised to see the boy the man said ” no kiddo, i am trying to look at the constellation of stars;   why do you ask”.

The boy explained how the old man had told him about GOD and his wonders. The man couldn’t stop laughing at the innocence of the child and said ” Kid look up the sky “,

He started seeing the sky and asked in a polite tone ” Ok, what am i supposed to be looking out for”. For which the man hushed him and told him to just look and enjoy the sky filled with stars. He was for the first time enjoying the sky rather than trying to find the invisible man in the sky. The man brought the telescope near him and said to look at the sky through it. He saw the stars at close range he was be dazzled at the milky ways. He asked the man is that god up there. For which the man said no its the universe out there trying to contact with us humans and tell that there is no invisible man up in the sky it’s just us the galaxies, the planets the asteroids.. And the whole night the man explained in lay mans terms about the universe.  As the moon said bye and the sun said hello the boy was in knowledge of the sky to an extent. Unlike his previous night he was not disappointed rather he was filled with joy that there was so much for him to learn. He told the man he wants to know more about the universe the galaxies he wanted to learn. The man was over joyed by the curiosity of the kid , being married for 10 years and not having a child. It sprung an idea in his mind of adopting him so he took the kid home. When his wife opened the door and asked who it was the man said “The kid who looked up the sky….. in search of god ”

Just an attempt to write stories hope you like it

Cheers to life



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