Search and destroy


“Go love your own enemies. Don’t be loving mine.  I’ll get on with the business of destroying, isolating, and combating the enemies of civilization.” -Christopher Hitchens


It was a normal evening just me and my peg of whisky under the beautiful stars. As the pegs went down, i was slowly drawn back by my ever thinking mind; it took me back few years back. I went into the process of remembering enemies of my peace of mind. And suddenly out of no more i shouted out a sudden scream out of anger and it my sudden outrage shocked my buddies who beside me…

When they asked what happened i couldn’t answer them, just told them a white lie saying some insect bit me. And i continued in my thought process and in the end only one person was stagnant in mind. The one who was once the abode of happiness in my life.

Getting to the main topic of discussion, forgiving the ones who hurt you. At a point in my life i thought yes it was worth it. Then one fine day i came across the saying of Christopher hitchens stated in the beginning. Even though he was talking bout the religions somehow my mind got hung on with the enemies of my life other than religion itself.

Forgiveness is taken lightly in the current society. The forgiving are perceived to be weak, and as per Darwin it is the survival of the fittest.

I am not saying go and physically destroy them am sure nor did Hitchens.

As per me destroy means, destroy the perception in their mind that they can boss over you, control your emotions, or matter fact of fact control your life. Destroy them with success , with knowledge and make sure next time they think of even talking bout you; weak is not the personality they remember about you.

Do not forgive destroy them with success and most of all destroy them with head held high and make sure they get your point.

Remember a step back is not failure it is just setting yourself to jump higher and higher.

So go destroy your enemies using your intellect and hard work.

And this is my personal viewpoint so if you do not believe in it thats fine but do not take my words otherwise and make up your own theories

Cheers to life



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