Crossing the sea to see …..


“With love and patience, nothing is impossible.”

Everyone has their limitations in life in terms for taking the extra risk which may or may not yield the desired result. But to the contrary there is a one thing which makes every being go beyond his limitations, take every freaking risk and fight thru every obstacle and that is “Love”. It could be for the love of your parents or friends or your life partner.

Love makes people do the unthinkable provided they find it worth the fight irrespective of the results. Its gives a being the strength to do what once he/she believed was not possible. The people around them may not believe in him or may even say it’s not worth a shot. But where there is love the loving people will also fight for it irrespective of others think.

It is an powerful  instigator. It can make any smart person take or do silly things.  It can make a guy/girl to cross the oceans, or go against family or even freaking jump off a cliff. ANd that is the most stupidest thing which i believe love makes once do; it makes you dumb even when you are smart. It makes you fight a losing battle as if you are gonna win it. In reality world its BS, but when we think of it at an emotional level its worth every drop of blood in one’s body.


Here is an small example a guy loved a girl with everything he got; he fought with his family and friends for the sake of a girl who had migrated to a different country for job purpose after like 3-4 months she started ignoring the guy, but he kept his trust on her until the moment she said lets break up… Even then the guy didn’t give up on her he was confused as to what went wrong since the girl was not giving the right reason for breaking up; for 6 years both of them had a beautiful life together. Then he decided to give up his promotion and career and go meet her who was thousands of miles away. And found out that he had been betrayed. So neither he got the gal nor nor his career.

The power of love is so dumb that it makes any logical person make illogical decisions; and still get praised or even laughed at  it. Thats what astonishes me how can anyone ignore their brain and listen to the heart.

When the guy still lurks in the memory lane trying to get out of it; the girl is actually over him; now that’s one more side of love.The betrayers get everything while the betrayed gets nothing. The whole concept of love is so messed up that people actually use it for getting laid; am being blunt here.  Anyways that’s not what irritates me; love is supposed to be loyal and simple yet we do not get to see that. The cheaters fall in love every hour while the loyalist die every min.

There is nothing great about love for it has lost its value in the society.

Getting attached to the wrong person can lead to detachment from the right one’s.


Crossing the sea to see that someone may have been the worst decision of my life; but it taught a lesson some stupid decisions can be taken even when one is sober.

Cheers to life



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