In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”


Inspiration can mean different things to different people. For me the inspiration is myself. I am not boasting bout me here. Its what i experienced and inferred.

Some say look for inspiration in people who are struggling worse than you and still survive. I cannot accept that because for everyone their battles are fought in  a way they like to fight it. We cannot compare ourselves to others. We are unique mentally physically intellectually morally and every other way how one can be described.

Why do i say i am my own inspiration..? its pretty simple i have been through the worst more, situations that were beyond my ability to handle and still survive it all. Now what else does one need more to get inspired.

Until we believe in ourselves there is no point believing in others. Because end of the day the confidence we have in ourselves is what matter ( To an extent. Thats a different topic altogether.)

So when ever we are down we just need to look back and say hey i been through worse and still managed why cant i manage still more and be my own hero.

We need to stop looking for heroes or saviours to save us and become one casue no one can understand you better than your self.

Be your own god, your own hero, be your own inspiration.

For you know yourself better.

Cheers to life



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