“From You to You.”- letter to your 14-year-old self.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From You to You.”

Write a letter to your 14-year-old self.

Hi there 14yr old me,

Ok buddy sorry to say this but you wont make it as a fighter pilot. So i say study hard and enjoy to the core.

Most importantly do not neglect science and mathematics; they are gonna pretty much create some trouble for you in the future. And hey all those best friends you had i think its time to re think about them. And hey do not worry you made it fine with your self so just forget what ever your teachers said about you not making it. And buddy stop praying will you please. Since you will become a atheist. And the best advice dude gain height somehow.

Anyways enough of the bad news, here are the good news what the future has instore for you. You made it you survived you become the best of the best in everything you did(Except studies ..:P) You stood on your own feet earned money and bought all those fancy watches, shirts and all accessories. You rode bike on your own. You will fly aboard for your damsel in distress but later get lost because of her, but hey you will get to see UAE. Remember  how crazy your were about watches do not worry you will have half a dozen of chronograph watches so chill about that broken watch.

And most of all buddy you will be a man of your words so the principles the belief or the attitude you carry gets you places. So all those who said that the world is gonna grill you they were partially right but that’s ok cause you will grow up to be what you exactly how you are responsible ,spend thrifty, helping and most of all you will be that solitude loving guy.

Buddy you became HK from Hemakesh, you will survive so chill buddy and remember be what you are.

Well i cannot change the past but may be this is one way of trying to tell you that you will live and you will fight till the end.

Cheers to life

Airboy 89


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