Our society run by insane people for insane objectives – John Lennon


Society as we all know consists of people;but every few  realize that oneself is also part of it. Why i say this is because imagine a situation where you tell your friend bout something which the masses do not follow and you wanna expose it. Am sure everyone would have got an answer saying its BS and society will not accept it.

ok let me give  an example; few years back i told my friend bout me thinking of giving up religion. I gave my reasons logically; however my friend was not convinced his reply was like others saying”what will society think about you…?”

Now that kind off made me think saying i have heard this BS reason many times saying society, people etc. How can any sane person buy that kind of rubbish. Every human is an integral part of the society. Why don’t people believe in the value of themselves in it. When few of the idiots can say they represent huge section of society; why don’t the one’s who disagree with them stand up.. The silence of the mass enables the noise of the few. We blame each other for not being able to bring bout the change. When we really think logically each one of us are responsible. Because we chose silence since we did not want “society” blacklisting us.

As i have seen many of us have a certain point of view in many things of the world but we do not scared thinking the other person may label him as anti society so what happens is everyone thinks that the other person will think wrong bout him.

Why is it so hard for people to say what they feel is wrong morally or intellectually. When we are a part of the society we still act as if we are an outsider. And when someone rises above this social Totalitarianism; even though we agree with the one who raised his voice we still keep quite cause “society ” is watching. Well i say its total bullshit of the highest order.

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We have the power to change the world; we know what is wrong what is right, we know we should object every wrong doing; but we do not cause we feel we are being watched.

Example again; ah lets say one believes that atheist, gays, LGBT,the downtrodden should be given their say in society; but the insane few will say no, and the masses shun their voice and support the few who control the many.

Our society is specifically like a fake smile. When a few daring ones tries to change it we either banish him as an outsider or try to shun him out. And few give up and few fight harder and make sure their voice is heard.

In conclusion; i would like to say that do not be afraid to voice out if any thing wrong is happening in front of you. When people say society is just like this; rebound saying no i as an individual i too have my right to make my voice be heard. And this my way of trying to be the change by voicing out against the hypocrisy against the thoughtless.

Do not follow the blind followers, be the rebel, be the change, be a human.


Cheers to life




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