The unspoken words…

Ever wondered that if you had the chance to meet someone all over again; you would speak the spoken words in a different manner altogether.  I mean when you read this am sure there might be at least one person who just flashes before your eyes. Is it not funny; that we say I have spoken out my heart out with person XYZ and yet still we have something we feel inside us saying “nah; I have to speak more”.


So what do you do with such words or such wanting to happen conversation…?; am asking it as a question. Since i tried to find a answer and somehow am not satisfied with it. Its become like an obsession to me that i wanna talk to that person. Huh well I tried to write off in my diary tried to shout it out when alone. But nah didn’t work out. So here i am trying to figure it out.

May be there is no point talking to the person since they may or may not understand the depth of the conversation one is trying to have with them. Where are those kind off who love to listen and try to understand. Huh where are those group of people who like to talk bout the universe, bout the infinite wonders that the universe beholds in front of us to be questioned and understood. Where are the Einstein, the darwins, the misfits who have the intellect beyond the average person.

The human physcology intrigues me when i read bout human nature and when i really experience it. They say if we do something continuously for 21 days it becomes a habit. Well i spent countless days and hrs talking with a certain person and yet the other person doesn’t even remember. Why do we accept failure quicker and success late.

Common sense is termed as stupidity;  and when you try to correct someone to the best of your knowledge one is marked as smart ass. Sometimes the stupidity of people intrigues me more than the atoms the universe the scientific world.

I do not remember the last best conversation i had which i felt was totally worth my time and whisky. So i wanna set out on a quest to find those share a common interest like me to talk to.

Its a small experiment that i wanna do cause i wanna see if the world is evolving towards a more smart generation or towards a inadequately misinformed bunch of people.

I know the topic started off with an emotional touch and turning into a very serious one. Well that’s the beauty of it , trying to keep it simple and straightforward .

The human ignorance has reached a such a level these days that we see a dying man instead of helping him we get busy clicking pictures of him. See that’s what i cant bear to see the emotional less society that we are breeding and supporting. Where will it lead too well if we think on it; the world wouldn’t be a safe place to live in. Same time thats no reason to turn our back either. So what do we do.? well i say speak out. Do not let the unspoken words be inside you, let it out; let it reach the ears and hearts of the one who deserves it. Do not be silent by the ignorance. Speak out the unspoken out…….

Cheers to life



2 thoughts on “The unspoken words…

  1. It is a world of “If its on the Internet it must be true”. Strange to think what life would be like if social medias and instant access to any form of bullshit was available to Socrates, or Einstein.


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