Fighting a lost cause…

My grandma always said be kind to the unkindest of people for you need not stoop down to their level of stupidity or immorality. I always followed the words she said mainly cause i knew she has seen life for more time than me. But then i just realised her thoughts are based on the society which she was born like almost 60 years ago and am in a society which has “developed” since then.
The behaviour or the actions of certain people i noticed really makes me lose my faith in humanity. The world which my grandma  picturised to me is entirely different. When i told her that it scares me i got the most surprising answer. For some reason she said to me saying the world will beat you down till you accept what they say, the moment you stand off and fight back you win.
It always bothered me the way the society is run by morons without humanity. Especially the god fearing; they commit all mistakes then they ask for forgiveness and apparently they are forgiven just by confession to there sins. I mean WTF really is this how humanity is suppose to sustain do mistake and ask for forgiveness.
God has become a silent imaginary person who is the forgiver of all sins if we accept it. So the moral compass of such people is an imaginary god. When the deeds are gone unpunished that’s when the society falls down to its worst. The free thinkers are punished for showing the facts and figures whilst the people of bullshit mountain are secured.
This every concept of forgiveness makes me feel sick to my stomach. The morality of people is declining at a rapid rate that may be in next few hundred years people would commit all wrong things and still be considered a saint.
How do we stop all this …? Well start question your conscience. ..!! start the change in oneself and automatically the world will change.
I thought of what the world made me become, then i realised it was not the world it was me who let it get under my skin and change my self.
The world is a battleground all may not fight with honor; that does not mean one who believes in it should not. DO not blame the society the people. people did not change you. You changed yourself
The world may beat you down get back up. Do not surrender .
Cheers to life.

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