Measure of emotions…

How bad does it hurt….??? How happy are you ..?? how does it feel…??

These are a few question for which one cannot accurately answer , the measure of emotions is something which has always been an inaccurate description. The world has outgrown so fast and so far that we have forgotten that emotions too are a part of being human. We can measure the speed of light the depth of the ocean but can we measure pain happiness etc.

We can only give similarities to those for example when we are extremely happy and some asks how does it feel all we can say we feel like king of the world or top of the world. But is that a unit ,nope its just comparative analysis.

Why i ask this question is a friend asked me out of the blue saying How does it feel having lost everything that you worked for in just a matter of days..? the question dumbstruck me for a while cause i could not say an accurate answer cause. How do i tell the amount of depression anger regret etc which is boiling inside me. Instead i had to rely on the oldest trick in the book i.e smile and say it gave me an opportunity to do better.

It’s really stupid concept that we have to smile even when we really wanna beat the crap out of someone or just say i am not ok. But it helps in a way mainly cause not all we meet are at the same intellectual or emotional level in life. So solution is just smile.

We laugh at someone who is going thru hell saying he is a weakling or that he is a downer. But never do we think saying what if we had faced the same situation and lost at same level. One mans trash is another man’s treasure same way is for feelings and human nature. What is irrelevant to me may be the world to someone else.

A few years back when i was top of my game everyone wanted to be with me. Once i fell down then i realised that not all those who smile along with you during your good times stay with you during bad times. People said i need to change and stop being who i am right now, i even tried but it was worse than my depression. Then I realised that why change just cause people asked you to. They are not in the same level of EQ.

Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional said Buddha; its seems easy to say something but so difficult to action it .

MAy be that’s what differentiates people the way we are…

Cheers to life



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