The revolting mind…

Our mind is a powerful place armed with proper thoughts they can create wonders. The very thoughts that are created in our mind leads to what we become.

There comes a time when the mid revolts against you for no reason and it just wants to stay blank or stand still. The flow of imagination and thought process goes for a halt as if they are on strike. Similar situation I am going thru right now. The usual active mind just wants to lay low and not strain itself. No matter how i push my self to raise above it, it just soothes me off and tells enough let’s take a break.

My thought process seems to be going blank the calculations have come to a halt, plans are disrupted and for some weird reason it scares me to be dumb and blank. Its like the moment when I first spoke to my ex, its pretty scary. And to me that is failure to go blank cause an empty mind is useless.

I been trying to do puzzles read riddles but nothing seems to work. And my worst fear is that i am beginning to like it .

I do not know what is worse an empty mind or me beginning to like this state of emptiness.. Cause nothing is achieved without a thought process…

Looking for that spark to ignite my mind again..



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Seeing life from different perspective like "everyone else". A bit of a realistic person and bit of "hope" there are fairy tale ending too type. Love travelling, reading drinking scotch and write whatever comes to mind for i have no certain type of genre since I write for my joy for my relaxation and peace of mind. I like to be what i am rather than be what others want me to be at times can be a stubborn ass and sometimes soft totally depending on the way i get treated. Love being alone even though its not my choice. Love listening to music and sip scotch as i dose off to dream land .... Rest you can find in my post so why don you just check them out... on instagram @the_hkesh on face book @

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