Come destroy me again…

Lets battle it out; lets fight for glory.

Come with your cavalry come with your swords and guns,

Come with the whole whole world against me

But fight with honor and not behind my back.

I may fall down but not die

N if i do not die that is your loss,

for i know no defeat for i fight unto death.

I fought for you by you and

you stabbed me but your only mistake,

you let me live with a scar

which reminds me of your betrayal.

Come my love, come destroy me again

For i have grown immune to pain,

Come destroy me again for i have grown wiser

For i am awaken

to fight it out with you.

For my glory is in my battle and not cheating

For i am a monster whom you created out of betrayal.

Come destroy me again for i wanna feel that pain again same time

see you again….


8 thoughts on “Come destroy me again…

            1. Thank you for the sympathy..and am telling a lot of thank you please do not mind..:)
              just trying to express with a hope tat one day the intended person reads it ..:) and sorry if its depressing cause i get that a lot..:)

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