You heard me…………..

You all heard me crib about a being, about the invisible man and most of the things. Well out of all one of them contacted me…

Well am Speechless rather wordless..:D

Well even though it was kinda rude and insulting conversation it was a happy one

That’s all i can explain i mean literally fell into pool of tears cause she messaged and asked how am i

To get that i mean i know it sounds silly to many but for me its a bg thing. I mean after writing so much bout her hoping that she would read and get back to me atleast to talk and achieving it is a big thing for me.

Funny how one person can change everything for you even when they no longer in ones life.

Huh even though it started off with sarcasm finally got to see her face how she is via DP. It was like finding oasis in desert..:D

I do not have words to explain but ah she is happy without me and that just adds to the joy…

She reached heights in career and ah good for her even though it made me feel down saying may be i couldnt help her still she made it to the top and at a very young.. well best of luck DAF……

Love you even now…

I do not have words to explain so here is a virtually hug ..:D be happy always and keep growing


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