He will listen to me someday…

He was an average guy with a very different perception of life, fresh out of college with a burning desire to succeed. He did not care bout what the society thought for he had his own principles based on morality of his conscience, which was clean for he knew what is right and wrong. I … Continue reading He will listen to me someday…


emotions of a fool

Tears dry up and thoughts just flow along with; for emotions are what makes us human, Without it we would be barbarians with nothing just destruction around us. But once in a blue there comes a times when a monster can teach us what is love, a warlord to preach peace. Also there comes a … Continue reading emotions of a fool

Just say it, I will be fine

You were the bright light when I was stuck in darkness, you pulled me out of the grave and said look this is light. When all I wanted was isolation and non attachment to people; You said don be afraid am there with you, and you took me from isolation to interaction with the world. … Continue reading Just say it, I will be fine

The highway to somewhere..I guess

In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "If You Leave." Life is a circus we like some acts and there are few acts which makes us say "WTF dude..!!". But end of day we have to realize that we are the ones who paid for the ticket and said " lemme enjoy it ...". … Continue reading The highway to somewhere..I guess