He will listen to me someday…


He was an average guy with a very different perception of life, fresh out of college with a burning desire to succeed. He did not care bout what the society thought for he had his own principles based on morality of his conscience, which was clean for he knew what is right and wrong. I known him for past 26 years.

He swam against the tide, he lived his life adjusting with people in the beginning giving a reason that his grandma didnt wanted him being hated by others. So he listened to her and became what “society” wanted him to be, but deep down inside he always wanted to say it was wrong but that old soul was the only control mechanism he had in his life which family knew.

He thought that the world is a good place and that honour, honesty, valor meant something. But soon he was proved wrong when he saw the real world slowly. It made him frustrated for he did not like hiding the truth just for the reason that society will put him down. The concept of god made him angry for he believed how can a god who was supposed to be the care taker of justice and honesty is keeping a shut up, which ultimately led him to thinking which resulted in him firmly believing that god was an imaginary being which almost every human created to support them, to blame when they fail. Along the way there came a person in his life who saw the darkness, the anger in him and said she would show him that world is not that bad as he thought. She thought him that its okay to be different and she will always support him and help him live his life rather than survive. She fueled him in his desire to succeed for stood by him and helped him control his anger. Slowly yet steadily he changed from a hard-headed person to soft person which his grandma had him. So the gal and guy were in love they fought and patched up. Then something bad happened and the gal flew away aboard. She promised him she wouldn’t leave him, his emotions started playing with him and he was unable to concentrate at work or personal life cause he was missing her. He knew he fell into something which will destroy him for he liked being alone but that one gal changed him and finally Murphy’s law kicked in she left him for someone else. HE quit his job at the height of his growth curve and ran behind her to make her understand that it’s not right to cheat . He got insulted and ditched in an unknown country on the first day of arrival by her itself. Still he kept his hopes on her tried to make her understand but the power of money had blinded her from his love.

Even now he travels back memory lane remembering her daily and shed a tear or two for he still cares for her and loves her deeply despite the fact that she broke his confidence or in one word she broke him completely.


But we do agree at times on a point that he should not talk bout her in his blogs or anywhere for its his pain and the worlds. But then he slips away cause he can’t forget her and just talks bout her


I tried telling him to forget her to forget everything, and think it as that she used him, but he never listens… But that’s what a heart is meant for right..? but being the brain i try to ,am sure one day he will listen to me; someday….

Image source – Google and personal collection.

Cheers to life



Murphy’s law…..

Murphy’s law states “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”.

Well that’s a bummer is it not for we live our lives trying to be perfect and there comes Murphy and says you know what i got a rule and you ain’t gonna be perfect, suck it looser…

Well lets get to the serious part, ahh well it is true whether we like it or not for when we concert on something we forget to concentrate on the other factors which are linked on the primary target.

So why are we scared of the wrong happening is it the incompetence to face failure or is it the time and dedication one gives to something and suddenly out of the blue it all fall apart.

Well may be its the happiness we found in striving towards something and we get attached to it and we find it hard to move on.

Why do we need to accept Murphy’s law why cant it be broken I mean going by the law itself, it is possible for his own law to go wrong right so take a freaking chance.

Yea take a chance and see the results its fun and best part is you will enjoy it while you are at it….



emotions of a fool

Tears dry up and thoughts just flow along with; for emotions are what makes us human, Without it we would be barbarians with nothing just destruction around us. But once in a blue there comes a times when a monster can teach us what is love, a warlord to preach peace. Also there comes a time when we have to believe in our self than in anyone else period.

The small things which we may feel is too small for significance may be a great deal for others, so do not stop doing those small things may it be sending a good morning message to afriend or smiling to every person whom we meet or pass by.

Life is short, long i don’t know its purely upon one’s perception.

We fall in love believing it will last till the end of life then suddenly you lose it, And few move on few await for lost love to return, Few mend their broken heart while few do not allow anyone near to it and the heart bleed out like slow death.

ah let me explain the pain of the last type of people its somewhat equivalent to suicide, its a very harsh road one pays for the other ones betrayal… So does the person deserve the pain well it depends situation to situation. Lets take a perfect example of a good guy who got cheated then fuck no, he fucking does not deserve it….

He awaits that one day she will come back which is foolish and he knows it yet he believes that true love has the power to do so, he forgets logic and starts believing in magic in terms of love.

He is a fool and he knows it yet he ready to be a fool just for that one person…

Life is a bitch many times huh it gives the wrong people much more than they deserve while the deserving person just breaks into pieces. And society does not bother for the world is blind to reality and accepts the falseness and does not care bout ethics principle or honour.

All are born with honour but few of them lose it, honour is not granted nor earned its there you either save it or lose it….:)


Just say it, I will be fine

You were the bright light when I was stuck in darkness,

you pulled me out of the grave and said look this is light.

When all I wanted was isolation and non attachment to people;

You said don be afraid am there with you,

and you took me from isolation to interaction with the world.

I was not your knight in shining armor; for the armor was not for show case

i fought wars wearing them. Yet you said no need to battle alone

I did not need help for i was happy with my pain

I was alone and happy then you said let me make it double;

and i foolishly agreed.

Oh girl where you now that i need you for my armor is falling off,

am being struck from every side and am not armed less

I await death as a child awaiting summer break.

I don need your sympathy or apathy

all i need is your happiness with me or without me..

I took the down hill drop for I was smoothed from tough.

And now i cant fight my own thoughts.

Oh my lost love wish you atleast remembered me a little bit and i would have been fine…

Cheers to life



The good news has finally arrived….

Just when I thought there shall be only more bad news for me n my future I got a good news and since I don have much of social life I thought let me tell it in the blog world bout it….

My Ex whom i so dearly love and await is getting married soon yaayyyyyyyyyyy……

Hahaha n for some weird reason even though it hurts like crazy some part of me is happy for her… I mean first time she told her parents that she is in love and which took 4 years in our case.

Lucky guy the current one, he got himself a princess whom i lost ..hahah

So I wanna say I must be the luckiest guy ever alive that even after breakin me i still get shocks hahaha…

Ah so fucking lucky i am….

So congrats my love hope you guys be happy forever may he give you everything that i couldnt give or afford… Happy for you gal


The highway to somewhere..I guess

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If You Leave.”

Life is a circus we like some acts and there are few acts which makes us say “WTF dude..!!”. But end of day we have to realize that we are the ones who paid for the ticket and said ” lemme enjoy it …”. But whether we sit through the whole show or not is entirely dependent on us alone. But there are a few of us who look into it in a different way say like we though we paid we do not wanna be there yet we are still there for the sole reason that we will we surrounded by people beside us and we can see we are somewhat better off….

Now getting to the main content of this post ah If you leave…

In one single year i have changed 3 jobs, left my home country and even tried some crazy stuff which i myself wouldn’t believe i did.

The pro of it as i found is there are some really messed up, the con is that’s not an excuse.

Why do i say so is because I got to see how really the world runs how certain values are just mere words for the current generation. I am not that old however the concept speaks for its self for example the word loyalty is just a word which people use for name sake..

The journey of mine began last year around same time, i left my job traveled 3500+ kms to an unknown country with a blind hope that I can correct my relation with my Ex landed in this desert land and joined a job which i did not like quit it after 3 months went back home and joined a job again and quit and now back to this country again. so in a year i had 3 jobs and lost every penny i saved up. Despite the tragic part it did teach me a lesson in life like not all stand by their words, when you have money everyone is there for you, some people are dumber than a freaking piece wood. But despite all these they are a few who stand out amongst all this chaos who still believe   in principles who stand by you thru good and bad. Yea such people do exist they are in minority but still they exist.

What i learnt in this journey of a year is  basically something for which I had shown a shut-eye yet life made me open my eyes and see it even when i didn’t want to see.Love was a game and i was played. Trust was a fancy word which was over taken by money. Loyalty was just a sham only to make me feel happy, honesty was  a really expensive concept cost me my whole life.

Destruction came from the one I loved and trusted. I traveled even when I just wanted to shut up and sit at some isolated place away from humanity.

The world really needs a monster at times to show them the value of a nice person but then again who am i kidding …

I am on the highway life going somewhere.. i guess….

The destination does not bother me the journey does not make me happy all i know is i am travelling and believe that I will reach somewhere.

Walking with memories of someone with a fake smile and a false hope that someday she will be back and with a dream that i shall be happy without her.

But i am grateful to her that i saw the real cruelty in the world masked as being “real”.

It just thought me that its better to be lonely than to be cheated on….

Cheers to life