He could have, but he just dint……

There is good and there is evil we shut our eyes to the bad and boast about the good things; well its good in a way to keep a positive approach for life. But then are we not abetting evil by giving a blind eye to it… Well ever thought of it in that way.

The problem with the world is when a person showcases or talk of the wrongs of world he either tagged as a negative person or a conspiracy theorist so and so forth, thus enabling the wrong doers to go on.


So how does one develop the patience to see the wrong happenings and just keep quiet. Well may be its the few absurd dumb minded fools who persuade  the mass followers and thus a majority of society goes on doing dumb stuff.

Its really simple when we see wrong things step up and stop it, but no we do not want to do it cause we are afraid of being judged by the  society of which we our self are an integral part.

So when something bad happens to us we do not have the right to ask why me,,? until we have have spoken out in the past,

Funny is it not we say its life, its how worlds works etc etc when something bad happens to others but when we happen to go thru same shit we get hypocritical .

So next time see something wrong please step up ..

Cause eventually we all have to face life ….

Cheers to life



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