The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”WP_20150830_20_36_28_Pro[1]

Everyone has their special place to rejuvenate or refuel themselves. And every now and then everyone needs them. So my special place is my thoughts under the open sky.

So why is it my special happy place …??? Pretty simple when i look up to the sky the universe seems to awe in fascination and i forget my problems and go into a philosophical thought process which keeps my mind occupied.

So the open sky and a bottle of whisky the perfect combo for starting a thought process.

So when ever i am low and i feel like i need to get out of the mess i just sit under millions of star and just think how evolution made us human made up of star dust how the millions of years of change and selection. How we became this living organism.

The question leads to many more questions and ultimately leads in me doing online research and thus forgetting that am having a bad day.

The sky is just a gateway to millions of unanswered question about the universe for example what was there before the big bang  or what intensity at which the explosion took place.

Then i remember Christopher Hitchens speech where he says we should be awed by the universe by the formation of stars the beautiful galaxy that exists out there instead of being an ignorant religious brat.

The sky has always lead me to my own world where i enjoy the solitude and the questions which arises in my head and reminds me that what ever i know is too less and need to know more…

Thank you universe for being there….


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Seeing life from different perspective like "everyone else". A bit of a realistic person and bit of "hope" there are fairy tale ending too type. Love travelling, reading drinking scotch and write whatever comes to mind for i have no certain type of genre since I write for my joy for my relaxation and peace of mind. I like to be what i am rather than be what others want me to be at times can be a stubborn ass and sometimes soft totally depending on the way i get treated. Love being alone even though its not my choice. Love listening to music and sip scotch as i dose off to dream land .... Rest you can find in my post so why don you just check them out... on instagram @the_hkesh on face book @

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