The dream wedding… figment of broken dreams

The stars and the moon were supposed to be the illuminating presenters along with a few of  our near and dear ones on our special day, where you were supposed to where that while wedding gown and me a black suit. The theme color was supposed to be lavender. And we were supposed to have our wedding dance infront of all despite the fact that i would look a bit short if you wore a heels.

Huh well that was the plan few years ago before you chose to replace the bridegroom from me to some other guy… Funny that thought of marrying you still loiters around in my mind where I still picture our wedding in an open ground and an open bar..:P

So this is kinda funny cause I was watching a movie last night and there was a scene where this wedding scene comes up and I was taken back for a fact that i just pictured us in that scene well that was really ah how shall I say hmm not heartbreaking, but yea heart did ache a bit not literally though.. I think its safe to say kinda touched the right spot.

So ah I don know if I will get you back in my life but if it happens I promise we will have that dream wedding that you always wanted and may be it will go somewhat like this.

The wedding will definitely will definitely be on a weekend in an open ground. There shall be all kinds of religious ceremonies which you want even though we have our differences. We shall have the wedding theme as lavender as you liked it. Now I need an open bar cause I think I can get that right since almost all your wish is being done..heehaw . OK jokes apart  we will have a band playing I know my parents are gonna be tiny little bit since you know we belong to different “Religion” so to counter that we will have my parent religion ceremony wedding too.. I know its kinda funny but hey you are the one who is not ready to go against them and wanted me to convince and make both of our parents happy so come on I am keeping aside my atheist thoughts. Ok back to the wedding plan, so open ground, open bar check ah whats next; oh yea me and you , so since it was decided that i cannot dress up in funny way will just settle with a black suit for me and a white gown of your choice and will buy that gown we wont rent it out. I mean come on its not like we are going for a fancy dress competition. OK Since you love black will book a black sedan car, hopefully i will own one but lets take a benefit of doubt and say i did not so we book a Mercedes and I am telling yea currently i like the song “All of me “- John legend, so that’s gonna be our wedding dance song. What else ah yea the marriage is gonna be in the evening since you know you wanted the moon and stars to witness our wedding. And ah its going to be mystical as you said always. With both our families present but i have to tell you that if my friends get drunk and do something  i alone am not responsible since you being wife and all we share responsibility…hahah

OK whats next, Oh yea as per rituals we are supposed to make wedding vows right right, OK this might hurt your religious mom a bit cause i am going full atheist on it. So here is what it is going to be…

My dear DXXXXXX(Sorry i do not wanna disclose her name since ah you know she broke up with me and I do not want problem), right up until i met you i did not believe in god. But the moment i saw you i felt like the whole world conspired for us to meet and prove me that there exists a loving being who would be with me in my good and bad times and that was you. This day i stand before you ready to marry you i ask you nothing more darling just simple logical things. I believe marriage is more than exchanging rings or signing a piece of paper for me marriage is two people coming together to lead a life together till end of their lives being there for each other. I promise to keep you happy, i will be your shade when you seek shade, i will be your best friend, a husband, and occasionally a pain in the ass being honest here. I do not wanna show you illusion of a palace and give a hut in reality. This is the vow i make to you my beloved i shall be with you everyday till we live, i promise to  love you more and more everyday. i will be the best husband as humanly as possible, being loyal,loving and understanding i promise to share the joys and sorrows which we will come across in the journey ahead. All i want you to know is that My dear DXXXX I love you Nd i shall be your soulmate and i promise never to give up on you or our marriage no matter the hardship, we will sail through it and i thinks its safe to say when we have convinced our family for our marriage i don think staying together is going to be a problem(laugh). So darling this is my vow to you to be along side with you, i wont be the knight in shinning armour i will be the soldier beside you on any battle no matter how big or small. We will be like Piere currie and mary curie baby oh baby i say proudly infront of the world which is you itself I am there for you forever…

The end

Ah so this would have been the marriage scene gal if we were still together but ah know what i am gonna wait for i promised you that i will wait for you even if someday you ditch me for someone better and look you just did, but i cannot give up on my promise darling for i am a man of my words and till date i have not given a promise which i cannot fulfill, nor have i broken promises.

Funny how small things still reminds me of you may be its love or may be its bullshit i don know, but i do know that i still love you DXXXXX.

Dedicated to my ah ex of whom i think of very fondly and still miss and still await her to someday comeback for they say true love has a habit of coming around….

If you read it someday gal and am not around just remember that i loved you till the end and i forgave you for hurting me by making me build dreams and telling that you would never leave me…:)

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Cheers to life



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