The highway to somewhere..I guess

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If You Leave.”

Life is a circus we like some acts and there are few acts which makes us say “WTF dude..!!”. But end of day we have to realize that we are the ones who paid for the ticket and said ” lemme enjoy it …”. But whether we sit through the whole show or not is entirely dependent on us alone. But there are a few of us who look into it in a different way say like we though we paid we do not wanna be there yet we are still there for the sole reason that we will we surrounded by people beside us and we can see we are somewhat better off….

Now getting to the main content of this post ah If you leave…

In one single year i have changed 3 jobs, left my home country and even tried some crazy stuff which i myself wouldn’t believe i did.

The pro of it as i found is there are some really messed up, the con is that’s not an excuse.

Why do i say so is because I got to see how really the world runs how certain values are just mere words for the current generation. I am not that old however the concept speaks for its self for example the word loyalty is just a word which people use for name sake..

The journey of mine began last year around same time, i left my job traveled 3500+ kms to an unknown country with a blind hope that I can correct my relation with my Ex landed in this desert land and joined a job which i did not like quit it after 3 months went back home and joined a job again and quit and now back to this country again. so in a year i had 3 jobs and lost every penny i saved up. Despite the tragic part it did teach me a lesson in life like not all stand by their words, when you have money everyone is there for you, some people are dumber than a freaking piece wood. But despite all these they are a few who stand out amongst all this chaos who still believe   in principles who stand by you thru good and bad. Yea such people do exist they are in minority but still they exist.

What i learnt in this journey of a year is  basically something for which I had shown a shut-eye yet life made me open my eyes and see it even when i didn’t want to see.Love was a game and i was played. Trust was a fancy word which was over taken by money. Loyalty was just a sham only to make me feel happy, honesty was  a really expensive concept cost me my whole life.

Destruction came from the one I loved and trusted. I traveled even when I just wanted to shut up and sit at some isolated place away from humanity.

The world really needs a monster at times to show them the value of a nice person but then again who am i kidding …

I am on the highway life going somewhere.. i guess….

The destination does not bother me the journey does not make me happy all i know is i am travelling and believe that I will reach somewhere.

Walking with memories of someone with a fake smile and a false hope that someday she will be back and with a dream that i shall be happy without her.

But i am grateful to her that i saw the real cruelty in the world masked as being “real”.

It just thought me that its better to be lonely than to be cheated on….

Cheers to life



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