emotions of a fool

Tears dry up and thoughts just flow along with; for emotions are what makes us human, Without it we would be barbarians with nothing just destruction around us. But once in a blue there comes a times when a monster can teach us what is love, a warlord to preach peace. Also there comes a time when we have to believe in our self than in anyone else period.

The small things which we may feel is too small for significance may be a great deal for others, so do not stop doing those small things may it be sending a good morning message to afriend or smiling to every person whom we meet or pass by.

Life is short, long i don’t know its purely upon one’s perception.

We fall in love believing it will last till the end of life then suddenly you lose it, And few move on few await for lost love to return, Few mend their broken heart while few do not allow anyone near to it and the heart bleed out like slow death.

ah let me explain the pain of the last type of people its somewhat equivalent to suicide, its a very harsh road one pays for the other ones betrayal… So does the person deserve the pain well it depends situation to situation. Lets take a perfect example of a good guy who got cheated then fuck no, he fucking does not deserve it….

He awaits that one day she will come back which is foolish and he knows it yet he believes that true love has the power to do so, he forgets logic and starts believing in magic in terms of love.

He is a fool and he knows it yet he ready to be a fool just for that one person…

Life is a bitch many times huh it gives the wrong people much more than they deserve while the deserving person just breaks into pieces. And society does not bother for the world is blind to reality and accepts the falseness and does not care bout ethics principle or honour.

All are born with honour but few of them lose it, honour is not granted nor earned its there you either save it or lose it….:)


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