Just say it, I will be fine

You were the bright light when I was stuck in darkness,

you pulled me out of the grave and said look this is light.

When all I wanted was isolation and non attachment to people;

You said don be afraid am there with you,

and you took me from isolation to interaction with the world.

I was not your knight in shining armor; for the armor was not for show case

i fought wars wearing them. Yet you said no need to battle alone

I did not need help for i was happy with my pain

I was alone and happy then you said let me make it double;

and i foolishly agreed.

Oh girl where you now that i need you for my armor is falling off,

am being struck from every side and am not armed less

I await death as a child awaiting summer break.

I don need your sympathy or apathy

all i need is your happiness with me or without me..

I took the down hill drop for I was smoothed from tough.

And now i cant fight my own thoughts.

Oh my lost love wish you atleast remembered me a little bit and i would have been fine…

Cheers to life



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