A death note #fiction #1

Before I begin just would like to tell that this is just a post nothing serious i repeat just a hoax.

Dear people

I could have finished this off in one single statement by saying “Fuck off dear all” but that would not be a decent way to fuck off from that face of the earth.

So, listen i tried to live life with all the positive attitude possible, i tried to pull my self together every single time but people always let me down after getting back up. It was not too late until i realized that the world is a  messed up place and until i have shit load of money i cannot change anything and mainly people are a bunch of hypocritical’s who need a punch in the face by reality and truth whether they like it or not.

I worked my ass off for save money and I did a pretty decent job too and all it took was one fucking stupid decision that i lost all of it and fell in debt well that’s just great 4 years of saving lost in just few month trying to keep up a promise.

And oh when you guys cremate me  i just want you guys to be just normal no ritual and stuff cause I don believe in god and religion so you can save some money on the ritual stuff. And as for friends well i want you guys to treat your self with a round of scotch whisky on the rocks likely go for RedLabel since it was my favourite and non you sick bastards are gonna use my name and post crap in FB or make it an excuse to pick up girls.. Cause i know you dirty bastards..hahaha

And as for my parents well Mom and Dad am sorry for having put you go thru this shit but trust me I was in a worse state so am actually doing you a big favour cause if i was alive i would have probably turned into some vigilante you know like batman spiderman and those kinda shit. I know am being stupidly hilarious but come on its better to go away making someone laugh than leave them in tears right.

And dad you were right i should have done my engineering sorry ye old man; i was just being me. And mom relax any more you don have top worry and stay awake waiting for me to reach home or worry bout finding a girl for me anymore..hehehe i kinda stopped the 3rd world war don ya think…:P And mom i know that you knew that i drink and smoke thanks for being subtle about it. Well i know you would be really upset but ah all i can say is am sorry for making you go thru this but hey think on the brighter side one problem solved huh i mean no need to worry about me anymore.

And grandma i know you are gonna be super pissed at me right ow but what can i say i had enough of the shit. You remember what you used to say when i was small bout ghosts and stuff well just think that am going on a hunt to catch them all..:p Come on laugh for me wont ya..

my dear brother well, you outgrown your self my friend am am proud of you even though i never publicly told it or expressed it i mean come on dude you exceeded all expectation our parents had high hopes on me and i performed somewhat above bad but you my friend have done it. BE the same n remember money makes the world go round.

ANd the most important of all to all those sick SOB’s and B’s i know you are having your laughs now well that’s my gift to you sick people. So which is kinda of a win win for me .. I am the best in whatever that is i do so suck it…Ah i wanted to have my revenge on all of you i remember every bad things you did and the pain that you made me go thru, thats ok thanks for giving me adrenaline rush so cheers to you..

Last but not the least; i have lived my life i have seen enough and enjoyed as per my dosage and i have no regrets in that matter so there is nothing left to live for. Thank you for the betrayals the back stabs and the insults it made me stronger and made me kick you in the face more and more.

And this is for that special one- I kept my promise till the end girl, i wish the best for you and nothing but the finest of everything in life.

Cheers to life one last time


Signing out and expect my loved ones rest all of you; I will be back i will haunt you…:P


Please note this is just an funny exercise to put out the anger please do not take this seriously and if you do thank you very much for your care and concern; but am not dying till i achieve what i have in mind.












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