Mom, the existing god

Her love is unlimited

no matter how afar we drift away.

She is more powerful than the whole military power

combined when it comes to save her offspring’s.

She lies that she hates me when i do mischief.

She says she is full and not hungry

looking at the limited food in kitchen

just so that her family eats and sleeps well.

She says she is fine and continues doing work

even when she has no strength to stand.

She loves unconditionally

she stands by dad no matter the situation.

She is life she is the oasis of love and care

Mom, the god who i believe exists

She lives with pain if it means her child can be happy

She will lie, for her child to be happy.

She can bring the apocalypse if she comes to know her child

is in trouble.

She is a mother with a heart of gold

She is a angel who will never leave our hand.

She is the pillow of comfort we can rely on

when everyone in the world cannot sooth you.

She is the god we all can rely on when hope in life is lost

She will cry along with you when the whole world laughs at you.

She will bear any pain to see her child happy.

She will spend nothing on her and spend

everything on her child to see the child happy

She can sense and feel the pain which no one else sees in you

She is a savior till the end of times.

She will still love her child

even if the child ignores her.

She is the real god who exists

towards whom no one can turn into a atheist.

She is the heaven when life seems a hell

She is a woman she is a wife she is a sister she is all what we imagine

a good loving god to be

She is a mom….



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