Trick me ..



Oh pretty lady, you have clearly

got my eyes on u  attention wise.

But darling can you seduce me with your intelligence.

For your beauty shall fade one day but your knowledge shall always increase as we grow old.

Can you impress me with your eyes really open.

Can you show me how much of a clear vision you possess.

keep me busy with talks bout the universe

stalk me with topic of real substance.

Show me your thinking capacity

using words which can give me a grammatical orgasm.

Oh darling i am not gonna chase you

but you can make me by just showing me the ability of being you

without being materialistic.

I do not wanna see your make up filled face

I wanna see a content face fir being one self

Show me your soul cause i wanna see how you feel

Fight with me intellectually more often.

Prove me wrong with facts and figures.

Make me think and baby i promise

you will not have to even think bout losing me

for i shall be yours forever.

seduce me with intellect baby.


Don give me cock and bull stories

don quote me romeo Juliet.

Quote me Einstein, hitchens and modern thinkers.

Don ask me a love story like that of written by Shakespeare

All i can give you is a love like that off  Marie  and Pierre Curie.

Oh baby am not your regular guy;

your body your beauty does not matter to me

All that matters to me is how smart you are

how helpful you are in my thought process.

I promise you i shall help you grow too.

Am not your regular romantic.

Baby seduce me with your intellect and not your body.

When in despair baby i will be helping hand

i shall not turn away and say its all gods plan

Before you can even set foot into my heart and mind

oh darling be aware i do not fear god for he is imaginary to me.

I do not believe in many of the crowd following BS.

So darling if you can match the frequency or if you can

be my catalyst to the process called life then

seduce me with your intellect baby.

I promise you i will not change you

i will be there for you.

There wont be romantic getaways.

There shall only be charismatic

slipways into nature, into mountains and forests.

I will help you see yourself and make you

love your self more.But baby you need to seduce

me with your intellect.

Once you have done that

you shall be getting everything

love deeper than the depths of the universe.

Emotions and feelings stronger than chemical bonds.

All you need to do is show me you are worth every sec of my life baby

so seduce me with your intellect.


Cheers to life






2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 750 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 13 trips to carry that many people.

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Short posts #3


Hope is for the weak , for hope leads to expectations in turn into disappointment, Instead have goals; for it will have plans and target set.

Be loyal , but first be loyal to yourself, to your thoughts to your feelings to your real you; then everything shall fall in its place.


She gave him hope, and later gave disappointment.

He played her; and she won the game.

He was loyal to himself to his thoughts to his principle to his feelings;

and so  it was easy for him to be loyal to her.

A blind man searched for the moonlight in a moonless sky for his eye may be blind; but his mind was open and that showed him the galaxies.

truth is like a bitter medicine, we like others to take it when they are sick;

but when we are sick we prefer the antibiotic called lie.

he was fighting his inner demons, then she came along and said let us fight together. He ended up fighting his as well as her demons as she left him with darkness and her demons.

He cried and the world laughed, she cried and the world consoled.

He told the truth ,no one believed; she told a lie and everyone were convinced.

HE said show me proof for your god, they showed a book.

They said prove us u r sane, he showed  his journal.

Both were right in there own way for perception was the culprit.

“Help me god” he shouted at the top of his voice crying out loud as he was dragged into a asylum.

“Help me god”, he shouted looking at the sky with a book in hand and the crowd prayed along with him.

One was termed crazy whilst the other a priest.

Money did not mean anything to her till she was ripped away of everything.

She lied saying she does not remember anything from her past with him.

He lied saying neither does he.

While ego laughed and told the truth saying It won and they both lost.

When she smiled he always smiled back cause it meant something to him.

Now she looks away when ever they see each other but he still smiles

for she still means everything to him.

“You are incapable of taking proper decision in life”, said the girl for whom he once decided to leave everything.

I will stop you for you are the running river and am just the fish in search of the ocean we need each other in a crazy way. That’s the truth.

Cheers to life



Being there, now



The topic was now so this is me now(In white shirt).

Lots changed a lot to change but currently this is the stage.

Attending weddings socializing meeting new set of people enjoying the present with past behind me and future ahead. Or so i think..:P

Cheers to life




My hypocrisy – Adiyogi


He is called as the destroyer, he apparently resides in the Himalayas wearing nothing but tiger skin with a trident and a dhamru(small musical instrument) unlike the other gods explained in hindu religious books this guy, The Adiyogi Shiva he stands out and that is why the heading,my hypocrisy. I do not consider him to be a divine being, for me he is a common man who is put in the line of gods.

Shiva is a common man as per me smoking his chillum in the cold mountains given a status of god. He is away from demanding standards of praises and hymms he is a common guy like you and me. He is probably the first promoter of gender equality when he said nature is not complete with just one gender being superior he propagated the idea of ardhanareshwara , where it is said both a man and woman need each other to  complete each other . while one plants the seeds the other nurtures it which is true a womb is needed ( Yes science as advanced now; but this existed long time backs so cut some slack please)


Why i say this is because of the tales associated to him one can relate to a common man, may be someone over-hyped it with touch of fantasy, but if we take out the fantasy he was just a common man. There is no story as to from where he came his origins etc, it is said he is not a materlistic person thus he stood afar from the worldly things and resided in the high mountains amidst cold weather. His body covered in ash, long hair tied tidely to look like a mountain tip. He is called the destroyer for his anger is of that caliber they say.

Let me break it down Shiva, as a common man. So the vedas says he has a third eye on his forehead i strongly feel it was his mind which opened up after smoking the chillum(Bong) which lead him to widen his view bout things in nature even exhert a stronger rage when angered. It is said he does not require the material things in life for he is beyond those materialistic things. He walked the himalayas with a trident, possibly to protect himself from wild animals, he does not endrose the usual rituals of being over cleansed and stuff which again we can relate to a common man. He accepts non veg as offering unlike other gods again a lead showing towards him being a common man. It is said when his forst wife sati self immolated herself when shiva was insulted by her father in shiva’s absense; shiva got enraged and killed her father and went roaming the world with his wife’s burnt body again relateable to a man who looses the love of his life. But later he married parvathi =moving on .

It is said he would be quiet and quite the gentleman until provoked again a common man trait. I do not worship him i just like few of his traits and lets say lifestyle.


Chillum, it is an apparatus to hold the weed. so i don think further explanation needed there.

so what am i trying to say here is this shiva, he was a common man who walked the earth whose actions and strength were exaggerated by some onlooker cause if we read the hindu mythological stories we find shiva to be the less talked bout.

For me he is not a god for me he was a normal person who once lived in his own accord looking after his family. I criticize worshipping him but the way of life he lead. He was the hero of common man i see him as a normal being doing his Yoga and smoking chillum and living life like an ordinary human asking nothing but solitude even amidst his family life. He maintained solitude same time did his duty as a husband as a father as a brother as a fellow being. The third eye which is spoken am sure it is the widening of the mind due to the herbs.

I may sound a hypocrite after writing this post but i cannot hold on something and wanted to come clean.

I endorse adiyogi Shiva as a common man n nothing else .

If anyone can write more on him as a continuation to this or give a more detailed explanation to shiva you are most welcome.

PS – Kindly do not tell me bat shit crazy stories irrespective of any religion to me humanity is the only god, and every individual is a god himself for our ability is many but blinded by religion and the unknown which is to be explored rather than naming it as divine or god in general.

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Cheers to life



The celebrated day

As the last sip of scotch gulps down i just remembered its Christmas and remembered what it means to me not the festivity not the lights nor the family time nor the story.. It just reminded me of us. Even though its now me and YOU. It would have been almost 8 yrs today dear You, but then again you are not there but still wanna wish you for being there for almost 6 years through thick and thin. Happy anniversary oh darling…

So just wanna dedicate a small memoir kinda passage/poem to You. This may be the last year i would be writing bout this day , but it shall always be there in my heart and mind dear You.

Hey You, You meant something to me back then

even now you do ,only void in this emotion is

you do not feel same for me.

They said you would not stay;

i fought with all saying you are unlike others.

I told the whole world that you are you

they smiled and said lets see

then the day came when you proved the whole

world true and me false.

I do not mind i was shamed in front of the world

for me You were my world.

I portrayed you to be you only to be

proven wrong that you are one of them.

Not a day goes by that i don remember us

and how you made me smile .

I try hard not to incorporate you

in my daily routine; but you somehow flash by.

I am happy for you, even though you are not with me.

For even though you are not with me a part of you

lives inside me for which i have no regrets.

For i have seen the real you.

your soul i have seen;

i have seen its insecurities

i have sensed its scaredness.

Hell, i have even seen its bad sides.

But none mattered to me back then, now or forever.


call me a fool or obsessed individual.

To me you meant everything then,even now.

You were the light at the dark period of my life.

You where the rainbow to my sky.

You were the grammar to my sentences.

My own, you became a important person

in a matter of days.

We shared our happiness and sorrow.

Now i share my sorrow alone.

I lost the ability to judge for you judged me as

incapable when you left.

You taught me to be good no matter but,

all i want now is to be bad.

You told me to make contact with others

all i love now is solitude.

Even in solitude i speak to you.

You were you what happened that

you stopped being you.

You stood as a rock as i fell


I did not feel bad for you standing still

all i felt bad was you laughing at the damage it caused.

You are like a undocumented novel in my head;

when ever i try to put it into words

i am unable to put you in the best words possible

for you are something special to me even now.

In a game called life you were the game and

you played me well.

All these time i thought i did not play it right

then i realized something, i was just a experiment.

You have given me good memories that the bad ones are out shined by

your good ones.

You were, are and shall be my angel.

Time may cascade in its own speed to the future;

all what will stand still is you and your

presence mentally and emotionally.

You told me to wait those days;

here i am still waiting and now you say

why am i waiting.

You still are that child minded adult

whose smile is powerful as a billion shining stars.

Just remember you, i still await you,

not that i cannot go beyond you nor that am crazy.

Its all just i do not want to for you have given me enuf to

sustain for this lifetime.

Where ever you are oh girl be happy

and try to remember that i remember you everyday.

You may not miss me but i still do.

You are you no matter who tells what you are….



Cheers to life





Who am I

Who am I..?

Who am I to judge how the world is run

Who am I to validate how an author has written his book

Who am I to tell the wrong doers not to do so

Who am I to think logically and spread awareness

Who am I trying to wake up the sleeping crowd

Who am I to show flaws in their illusion of perfection.

When I think all these i realize i too have these flaws

But then i realize that i have accepted my flaws

Who am I.. I am individual i am a component of this society

I am a result of millions years of evolution; for I just like rest of us

came from star dust and i am aware of that.

I am awaken amidst the sleepy heads for I need answers.

Who am I.. I am a human with a mind which can think for itself.

Who am I .. I am the change that i wanna see in the society.

Who am i.. I am exactly who i need to be

I am …just me.

Cheers t