“Sometimes the world doesn’t need a hero. Sometimes it needs a monster.”

“Men don’t fear swords. They fear monsters.”

-Dracula the untold story

You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fuckin’ fingers and say, “That’s the bad guy.”

  • Scarface


The above quotes are from two of my favorite movies. Here the “bad” guy’s side of story is shown to the world rather than the conventional way of putting them down.

No one is born as a bad person most of the time its just the situation and the silent onlookers who push a good person to be someone whom everyone will hate.

Bad people are existing due to the fact that the good ones are keeping there mouth shut. Lets take a few example say ah the joker from batman. he was a good chap but bad people and good people both pushed him to a insane state where he no longer cared bout the society, he wanted the whole society to see what it means to be hurt or in pain he wanted to teach them a lesson. Now some may say its fictional character but come on if we closely observe it actually reflects the reality of today’s world, also its a fictional character written by a real human so you do the math here.

So i like the bad guys most of the time may it be the joker, Dracula, tony Montana so on and so forth. Why ..? because behind those characters lies a truth which we do not see and that is they were all pushed into becoming bad, they were good fella’s but society pushed them into a state of “i don give a fuck”. Also in these characters one can relate to everyday struggles one sees and how it effects us so multiple those  bad experience into one single person  and image the outrage.

Even bad people were once good people who were tormented for their goodness, is it not ironic that being good actually is bad. Lets take the mythological fairy tales shall we,  Satan too was once an angel.

Good exists only cause there exists bad n vice versa both are inter dependent. but what i wanna emphasize is on as to why villains are better off people ,they are the ones who once saw too much darkness while being good.

Most of the crowd hates villain character  but i really like some of the villain like joker, Tony Montana, Dracula. Basically because they are a direct interpretation of today’s societies status where goodness is overlooked and when the downtrodden people reach their saturation level they turn evil not because they want too its only cause they wanna change the system.

We all love Batman for sure for him saving Gotham city and how he fights evil from darkness but we have overlooked one aspect he started saving only after his parents were killed. Lets take joker’s life changing incident as per one theory he went crazy trance after loosing his pregnant wife.

We forget something that we are all children of the dark, at one point in life. For example and fact when we were fetus or a baby inside a mothers womb we were in darkness then we came out and people started teaching how to live our life. Darkness is not something bad. Darkness is a place where everyone have been and some of us still do live there but few of us show it few don’t. Because those who hide are scared of the society.

we usually have just one side view for a person or topic, where as we should have a 360 degree view only then can we know the truth.

We create bad guys as we created god. We are responsible for all the good and the bad. Lets not be selective in blaming and praising our creations.

Do not judge anyone without knowing their story. Even though most the examples stated above are fictional comic characters but in reality same thing happens, i quoted the comics because the world understands better.

Be good by pulling people out of darkness and not pushing good ones into the darkness…

Darkness is there within all all it needs is just a small push…

Cheers to life and WHY SO SERIOUUUUUUUUUUUS..??????????





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