The mind and its tricks

“What other dungeon is so dark as one’s own heart! What jailer so inexorable as one’s self?” – Nathaniel Hawthorne.

As the sunsets the inner demon awaken for their night mind games and exorcism on them is only a glass of scotch whisky with ice for it soothes them for a while. And little of music and a whole lot of reading and writing. This is the darkness which i created in my own heart.

But this darkness has exposed me to a new level of utilizing even the baddest time to our gain; i.e Reading books and writing. It has by far expanded the knowledge bank of my tiny brain. So Lets go by the quote which i put in the beginning of the post. It kinda caught my attention as i was going thru few links. And let a bug inside me to think on it and debate with myself.

So is our mind the biggest prison and we being the baddest warden well, yes it is true. For our mind and heart runs in different different direction and voila a recipe for disaster. But the worst part is when one likes the prison and automatically the warden becomes his favourite guy. Does our soul or do we need to be prisoners.

Why cant we liberate ourself and truly be free from everything. Its not easy but why not try why not fight the battle for freedom and ultimately win the war. Its hard yet not impossible i myself am trying to fight it but yes some point we all find it not worth it but when we look at the future and the people behind us waiting for us to win this epic battle it motivates us to give it all we got and we become our own hero.

But thats the hardest part so we give up and stay stagnant as to where we are standing. But inside the prison of our mind sometimes we find ourself.

Getting found while lost is an never forgetful incident so it teaches you more. Its ok to be lost sometimes we need to be lost for a while we need to break our routine and see and experience something new.

Enjoy everything whatever comes at you in life for everything is lesson and what fun is a class if you cannot have some fun.

Cheers to life



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