Who am I

Who am I..?

Who am I to judge how the world is run

Who am I to validate how an author has written his book

Who am I to tell the wrong doers not to do so

Who am I to think logically and spread awareness

Who am I trying to wake up the sleeping crowd

Who am I to show flaws in their illusion of perfection.

When I think all these i realize i too have these flaws

But then i realize that i have accepted my flaws

Who am I.. I am individual i am a component of this society

I am a result of millions years of evolution; for I just like rest of us

came from star dust and i am aware of that.

I am awaken amidst the sleepy heads for I need answers.

Who am I.. I am a human with a mind which can think for itself.

Who am I .. I am the change that i wanna see in the society.

Who am i.. I am exactly who i need to be

I am …just me.

Cheers t


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