My hypocrisy – Adiyogi


He is called as the destroyer, he apparently resides in the Himalayas wearing nothing but tiger skin with a trident and a dhamru(small musical instrument) unlike the other gods explained in hindu religious books this guy, The Adiyogi Shiva he stands out and that is why the heading,my hypocrisy. I do not consider him to be a divine being, for me he is a common man who is put in the line of gods.

Shiva is a common man as per me smoking his chillum in the cold mountains given a status of god. He is away from demanding standards of praises and hymms he is a common guy like you and me. He is probably the first promoter of gender equality when he said nature is not complete with just one gender being superior he propagated the idea of ardhanareshwara , where it is said both a man and woman need each other to  complete each other . while one plants the seeds the other nurtures it which is true a womb is needed ( Yes science as advanced now; but this existed long time backs so cut some slack please)


Why i say this is because of the tales associated to him one can relate to a common man, may be someone over-hyped it with touch of fantasy, but if we take out the fantasy he was just a common man. There is no story as to from where he came his origins etc, it is said he is not a materlistic person thus he stood afar from the worldly things and resided in the high mountains amidst cold weather. His body covered in ash, long hair tied tidely to look like a mountain tip. He is called the destroyer for his anger is of that caliber they say.

Let me break it down Shiva, as a common man. So the vedas says he has a third eye on his forehead i strongly feel it was his mind which opened up after smoking the chillum(Bong) which lead him to widen his view bout things in nature even exhert a stronger rage when angered. It is said he does not require the material things in life for he is beyond those materialistic things. He walked the himalayas with a trident, possibly to protect himself from wild animals, he does not endrose the usual rituals of being over cleansed and stuff which again we can relate to a common man. He accepts non veg as offering unlike other gods again a lead showing towards him being a common man. It is said when his forst wife sati self immolated herself when shiva was insulted by her father in shiva’s absense; shiva got enraged and killed her father and went roaming the world with his wife’s burnt body again relateable to a man who looses the love of his life. But later he married parvathi =moving on .

It is said he would be quiet and quite the gentleman until provoked again a common man trait. I do not worship him i just like few of his traits and lets say lifestyle.


Chillum, it is an apparatus to hold the weed. so i don think further explanation needed there.

so what am i trying to say here is this shiva, he was a common man who walked the earth whose actions and strength were exaggerated by some onlooker cause if we read the hindu mythological stories we find shiva to be the less talked bout.

For me he is not a god for me he was a normal person who once lived in his own accord looking after his family. I criticize worshipping him but the way of life he lead. He was the hero of common man i see him as a normal being doing his Yoga and smoking chillum and living life like an ordinary human asking nothing but solitude even amidst his family life. He maintained solitude same time did his duty as a husband as a father as a brother as a fellow being. The third eye which is spoken am sure it is the widening of the mind due to the herbs.

I may sound a hypocrite after writing this post but i cannot hold on something and wanted to come clean.

I endorse adiyogi Shiva as a common man n nothing else .

If anyone can write more on him as a continuation to this or give a more detailed explanation to shiva you are most welcome.

PS – Kindly do not tell me bat shit crazy stories irrespective of any religion to me humanity is the only god, and every individual is a god himself for our ability is many but blinded by religion and the unknown which is to be explored rather than naming it as divine or god in general.

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Cheers to life



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