Trick me ..



Oh pretty lady, you have clearly

got my eyes on u  attention wise.

But darling can you seduce me with your intelligence.

For your beauty shall fade one day but your knowledge shall always increase as we grow old.

Can you impress me with your eyes really open.

Can you show me how much of a clear vision you possess.

keep me busy with talks bout the universe

stalk me with topic of real substance.

Show me your thinking capacity

using words which can give me a grammatical orgasm.

Oh darling i am not gonna chase you

but you can make me by just showing me the ability of being you

without being materialistic.

I do not wanna see your make up filled face

I wanna see a content face fir being one self

Show me your soul cause i wanna see how you feel

Fight with me intellectually more often.

Prove me wrong with facts and figures.

Make me think and baby i promise

you will not have to even think bout losing me

for i shall be yours forever.

seduce me with intellect baby.


Don give me cock and bull stories

don quote me romeo Juliet.

Quote me Einstein, hitchens and modern thinkers.

Don ask me a love story like that of written by Shakespeare

All i can give you is a love like that off  Marie  and Pierre Curie.

Oh baby am not your regular guy;

your body your beauty does not matter to me

All that matters to me is how smart you are

how helpful you are in my thought process.

I promise you i shall help you grow too.

Am not your regular romantic.

Baby seduce me with your intellect and not your body.

When in despair baby i will be helping hand

i shall not turn away and say its all gods plan

Before you can even set foot into my heart and mind

oh darling be aware i do not fear god for he is imaginary to me.

I do not believe in many of the crowd following BS.

So darling if you can match the frequency or if you can

be my catalyst to the process called life then

seduce me with your intellect baby.

I promise you i will not change you

i will be there for you.

There wont be romantic getaways.

There shall only be charismatic

slipways into nature, into mountains and forests.

I will help you see yourself and make you

love your self more.But baby you need to seduce

me with your intellect.

Once you have done that

you shall be getting everything

love deeper than the depths of the universe.

Emotions and feelings stronger than chemical bonds.

All you need to do is show me you are worth every sec of my life baby

so seduce me with your intellect.


Cheers to life






4 thoughts on “Trick me ..

  1. ha ha ha no she wont cause she is afar from social media. Atleast if they take a harsh step and pass my number to any anyone i can redirect them to this post and say ” does she match this criteria..??” and i shall be saved from the agony and bondage of marriage for sure..:d


    1. No, it’s a result of my parents forcing me into getting married just setting the bars high so that its a win win situation for parents n me. Since finding such a lady is very difficult at this society

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