Short Posts #9

Time is not still, its just the thought of time that is still.

The mistakes of the some, effects the credibility  of the few cause of the silence of the most of them. It is not  just the fault of the some it is also the incompetence of the most to stop the some from ruining it for the few.

Do not fear, fear. For when we fear, fear; we are enabling fear. And that is the ultimate downfall ,for fear is the mother of all failures.

Do not fear telling your greatness that you feel within, do not let others shun it down by telling its ego. For only you know how great you are not anyone else.

When someone says you cannot do something, etch it in your mind and heart not for revenge nor to be disheartened but to utilize it as a motivation to prove them wrong.

Darkness is not evil, it is a place to sit plan and execute your path towards the light.

Do not fear the fall, for that will either give you wings or ignite a passion to fly.

Be phenomenal, for everyone lives life but not all live it phenomenally. To be the extraordinary person we must do the ordinary things extraordinarily.

Pain should be the motivation not the depression . Make dreams a reality using everything against you to work for you, make pain the motivator, make losses the generator ,make insults your incentive to glorify victory.

Death is certain to all one day but till that day comes make a living which is worthy of living and a create a trailblazer which shall be there even after death.

Let past be the reference point to make things go right in the future. Take a risk take the courage to so the same that went went wrong again but with a goal to make it right.

Do not let the pain of the past alter the pleasures of the future.

Do not let anyone’s negative view of your goals and dreams to pull you down, use it as steps to reach your goals. Build yourself from the same crumbled pieces that you may be in.


Cheers to life




80-20 Rule (Pareto principle)


Basically a management terminology rather principle which dictates that 80 percent of the effects are due to the 20% causes. It is a common theory sometimes used to zero in on the root cause for deficits, income, profit, losses etc.

Now coming out of the management perspective and trying to match it with life and try to drill down the root causes of x y z problems or happiness of our lives. Sounds crazy but not really though, so here is how to do it, first decide on what do you wanna apply this principle on whether to find the root cause of happiness or sadness, success or failure. The nest step is simple list out the major component of that particular main subject, example lets say we are working on happiness so list out the top say 3 reasons for your happiness, next use the 5 why principle on those 3 reasons I.e is on each of the 3 reasons drill down the cause of the those individually. Example drinking makes you happy so ask the why..? why drinking makes you happy ?, lets say the answer is cause it refreshes you..? ask the next why it refreshes so drill down on the core reason or the last  answer to the why. that will be the root cause. Then depending on the emotion that you are applying the principle whether a counter measure needs to be applied or not is to be judged. Below pic may give an idea.


So  simple management principle applied to daily life.. voila problem solved.

Again this is a new segment in my blog which will help me in my work as well as educating the crowd about some of the things we use in our jobs to relate to life and may be find some use out of it. Hey end of the day you get to learn new things and if applicable  use it properly find some gains as well.

Cheers to life


Lets get complicated…

We all have day to day conversation such as ‘how are you’, ‘ how was your weekend’ so on and so forth. sometimes we answer whole heartedly and at times we just put up a fake smile and just answer some pleasing answer. Its a social etiquette which for some reason goes unquestioned unchanged.

Once a while yes it does feel good but most of the time it is really annoying, so why not start off a new system why not change the old system why not just talk what you wanna talk bout.

Change is tough but not impossible so why not talk bot things that really really matter and just get on with it.

Anyways today i wanna talk bout complicated conversations, say like talks bout the stars the universe bout life bout plans bout what motivates ones what demotivates. That would actually help us understand each other may it be your colleague or neighbors  OR FREAKING SOME STRANGERS.  Society has touch the connection of human interaction we need to talk and socialize and actually enjoy it rather than talking petty crap.

We all have our interests and most of all we know little nice we start having these kinda conversation we will get to learn something new everyday for the world of knowledge is vast.

So it will bring people closer same time make them aware of how much they really know.

Sounds crazy so what..? crazy is fun..:D so whay sit and do small talks.

Come on get up talk bout anything you love

let the world change step by step.

Cause we need to be humans not technology obsessed crazy people.

Lets talk complicated.


Cheers to life



Be the greatest

“Imma show you, how great I am.
Last night, I cut the light off in my bedroom and was in bed before the room was dark.
Imma show you, how great I am.
Only last week, I murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalised a brick.
I’m so mean, I make medicine sick.
Imma show you, how great I am.
This kd’s gonna be the best kid in the world.
This kid’s gonna be somebody better than anybody I ever knew.
Imma show you, how great I am.
I have wrestled with an alligator, I done tussled with a whale, I done handcuffed lightnin’, thrown thunder in jail.
Imma show you, how great I am.
All you chumps are gonna bow when I whoop him, all of you.
I know you got him, I know you’ve got him picked, but the man’s in trouble. Imma show you how great I am.”

The above is a speech given by Mohammed ali,one of the greatest boxer .


Just reading it makes me think waav i mean waav one may say its egoistic or over confident  but lets see it the other way around when the whole world says that you are an underdog when the whole whole disbelieves in you, that is when you motivate yourself. You swim throw the hardship you cut through the pain.

Belief in yourself is all that matters, it gives you the audacity to walk upto anyone and “yes, i am the greatest” cause you did it .Be phenomenal, fucking do not die a normal death,  be a legacy. Do not let the incompetence of others to value you be the reality of you.

Learn the art of fighting alone learn the art of mastering yourself mentally emotionally learn to be the greatest no matter what you do it with pride in it may it be eating a burger or may it saving a life, be the greatest.

Do not fear the approval rates of others you want it go it,  no one has the fucking right to say what how you should live your life. remember there can be only winner in a battle.

Be what you are be make it classy, be the best of the best. Do not settle do not stop hustling be like the wolf, it can hunt in  a pack same time it can hunt alone. Be the alpha , do not settle for beta or anything. Be confident bout yourself. Fight the tears, persevere through pain, let every drop sweat be your fuel towards greatness. How much we value ourself matters more than how much others value us. For they see you thru their perception, do not let the perception of others be your life.

We are strong as our thoughts are yes there shall be bad moments yes they shall be disappointments yes there will be pain, feel it accept it then bloody start moving do not settle. Overcome the fear, over come the impossible shoot for the stars , if not the  moon atleast if you do not reach there you will atleast learn to fly

Do not give your self the option of losing or giving. Give yourself a goal, a target of being the winner. Do not give up on yourself, trust yourself, you may be called selfish you may be called a day dreamer, that is fine your goal in life is to be the greatest, to be a legacy DO not live a normal life. Seek and search people who think like you. They say necessity is the mother of invention, let winning be your necessity

Yes you may get depressed yes you may get suicidal thoughts yes you feel over burdened yes you may feel disappointed That is ok do not worry it is human nature, but when it comes to winning be phenomenal. Make success your goal make legacy your friend.

Life may push you to hell, it may give you pain life may fucking make your whole life dark, so do not stop make it your ally rule hell, use the darkness, motivate yourself from pain. Let all hell break lose do not worry stand your stance, for what life made you pay the price make sure get something worthy out of the suffering.

Pain is temporary, glory is forever. Do not settle do not be a fucking content person hustle hustle hustle cause everyone lives a ordinary life, be one of elite be sensational, be freaking awesome.

For once we die we  shall be remembered for how we lived so make it a story worth being told to generation. Do not fear death do not fear failure. Fear only of dying a normal death.

Be a freaking yourself not some famous guy be you make a name for yourself.

Challenge yourself dream big and action accordingly to achieve it. There are enough of people among us to tell that we cannot do something, do not join that band wagon, sometimes being brave is just believing in yourself.

Sacrificing temporary pleasures will not kill you, yes you may be outcasted so be it if it means that you get to live a kings life tomo why not ..?. Be different be powerful be what you wanna be and whatever it is just freaking make it for you are the creator of your destiny not god not your parents not your lover not your partner, its you and only you….

Leave a legacy leave a story  worth telling be freaking phenomenal. Be the greatest.



Image courtesy google.


cheers to life




Running thoughts…




Optimism is like sun shades you use it when required the most not to impress others or look cool, but your clear your vision from the rays of the sun.

Apply same in life you get a clear vision,here the shades being symbolically optimism and the sun rays rays being the problems.

Do what it takes as long as it takes to see to it that you win no matter how hard the battle is for there is no glory without guts.

Let pain be your motivation, let failure be your driving force to accomplish more.

Let those laughs of others be your motivation, do not see the obstacles and fear the worst, just pick up the glares called optimism and wear it feel it and walk like a boss for pain is temporary glory is forever. The perfect time is now , there is no substitute for greatness. Be what you wanna be .

PIC  by – Myself location -Thadiyandemol hills, madekeri


Cheers to life



Silence of the words

Words are a beautiful way to express ones thoughts in general, yet it applies to those which can be expressed or rather valued. What bout those which cannot be expressed which is so valuable that no word in the vocabulary will pin pointedly express the exact emotion. For example say a mothers love for her child now we may say its deeper than the ocean vaster than the universe, brighter than the stars so on so forth but can a mothers love be merely expressed in those metaphors well surely no.


The phrase action speaks louder than words is an compilation of same feeling. It can be for any thing for happiness sadness anger guilt etc. so its okay to go numb or dumb out of words once a while that time or that instance of silence of the words that moment when the brain just switches itself off and says “am out , bro”can sometimes be really embarrassing.

But forget the embarrassment  think bout that moment which made you go berserk and silent, well it may be anything a happy moment or a sad. But a control mechanism kicks in at that moment where u blabber things which may not even make sense.

Feel those instances embrace it and just smile and say fuck it,its worth it.

There are certain instance’s where a person makes you feel that silence of words, i mean waav seriously it is ah literally scary same time exciting(Taking into acct this is a happy instance). One may be good with words good with thoughts good with alnost everything and then there comes a person who just makes you look dumb and just makes you say ‘ fuck this shit, i don mind becoming dumb ‘.

Something i say everyone must experience where your IQ your smartness your gestures your bloody you itself just go blank and literally numb.

Now i take it funnily,but when it happened it was so not so funny..hahahaha

Happiness is sometimes over rated..:P


Cheers to life



Short Posts #8

Beauty laughed at wisdom at youth age,

wisdom ignored beauty at old age…..

While life and death just smiled and said “we played you well.”

As the illusion of fairy tale ending ended, real life started to help create

stories worth of being told to generation to come

As he stood still time went on without even turning back,

Money went looted,  fellow beings went afar

age caught up along with time,

finally time did come back but inform him his time was up

In between life and death, living played a play worth a play yet only few played it right

for the realization of death was accepted only by a few

The illusion of limit was shredded as the illusion of forever was limited to a lifetime

He chained his inner demon not for the fear of destruction of his world

but for the protection of the world he dearly loved.

Beauty laughed at wisdom at youth age,

wisdom ignored beauty at old age…..

While life and death just smiled and said “we played you well.”

As life smiled at death and said “people adore me and hate you”

Death just grinned and said ” you will eventually end up making me hero soon”.

For life messed it up eventually….

As the two danced under the starry night

the moon ran away to hide behind the clouds

for he was sad that people say they would get him for their loved ones

yet none did take him

and then there were these two who danced under without noticing him

for they saw a glow in each other and brought each other close to themselves.

Cheers to life