Just one of those movies #1..


A new catalyst to my blog, a small review of movie which stands out of the ordinary. even though not a big time critic just would like to write few words bout few movies which has really stood out.

So the first movie  i am gonna talk bout today in the series to come is #Charlie, basically because 1) It was really good 2) It gave provoked me to start this series..:D so here we go,

Though am not a native Malayalam speaker i have managed to  learn the basic so when my friend suggested we watch this movie Charlie, being honest i was hesitant but still gave it a shot and it was worth the time as well as money well spent.

The movie is basically revolving around the nucleus called Charlie, and the orbiting electrons are the other character. Charlie is a free spirit kinda guy who does random acts of kindness and plays hide and seek with a girl who comes to know bout him in  a weird way when she rents out a place which was earlier used by charlie, so the story is basically bout Tessa(2nd main character) searching for charlie and in the process learning who charlie bit by bit from different characters. If i tell the whole story whats the fun. But i promise you it shall keep you glued to your seats. N relax there is english subtitles so we can  laugh at the jokes..

What i loved about the movie is the main character charlie, a free spirit helping with expecting nothing in return how he transforms other peoples life from hell to heaven(Pardon the usage of fairy tale concept of hell heaven). He does not stay put at one place keeps moving keeping people happy. He helps a 70 year old bachelor meet his long lost love, he stops a doctor from killing herself so and so forth. He makes Tessa so curious bout him that she travels around trying to find out bout him.


There is a subtle flow which shows that the hero i.e, charlie who does not use modern technology like phone computer etc and is still happy which shows that one can be happy without those things there is a tong for people using whatsapp also were one of charlie’s accomplice calls him an intellect for not using it. Secondly it shows that one act of kindness can change a lot for the person in need of kindness. There is no bigger than life prioritization anywhere  the story writer has made it simple day to day life kinda scenario.

The movie ends with charlie and Tessa finally meeting each other. What i loved most about this movie is it shows that how society needs kindness the most to heal the wounds laid by society itself and how one can survive with kindness, it shows that how love necessarily does not need to arise from getting on knees giving rose or fighting street gang. It shows how curiosity can lead to finding out more bout a person and how it can trigger love for  a person , it shows love is to be seen by action and not just showy vocabulary and BS promises. As per me the director must have had the concept of Perception in his mind cause till the interval the movie runs on perception of Tessa which makes her curious to find him which kinda makes her run to places. The movie was shot in India only unlike other Indian movies and i must say there are some breath taking locations in the movie probably Munnar if am not mistaken. It also talks bout freedom for women in a subtly way rather thought provoking way how Tessa despite the opposition of friends and family how she goes after what she desires and explores the world.

all together a good movie to watch definitely top notch, and if you are a more of a romantic, fight loving kinda movie lover then this movie is not your cup of tea. However i do suggest you watch it with an open mind, try to read the subtle message portrayed in the movie.

cheers to life



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