Short posts #4

Peace is not in the open, not in any material

its within us, within something called conscience.

which we all fail to realize even though we are awake in the world and not  the real world.

Amidst fear, insecurity, negativity, anger so on  and so forth

usually arises a hero who may look as a villain in the eyes of the blind sheeps.


We all  need a hero; but desperation makes us forget that;

the hero is within us, we just need to awaken him with the right note.

You may fake a smile and fool the mass,

but is it worth it for they are not the ones who have to live with the consequences.

The unseen person is your god and for me you are god, dear mom for i have seen more kindness in you than in him

I have seen real concern in you than in him, pain in you when am down than concern in him.

For i have seen you ,not him.


They said I shall rot in hell for not believing in the existence of god.

What they do not know is if he ever existed and comes in-front me

he will not have my praise nor my apologies but will have to

face my wrath for making my living a hell, forget the afterlife.

I searched for him in the depth of my heart, in the wilderness of my conscience, even in the heights of my ego.

But all i found was myself and not him.

So where is “he”, is he in me or am I in him

Don tell me how happy you are without me baby

just live that happy life that you boast bout.

For ego can make us both tell each other things

which we both know are not true.

We both built castles in the air;

only difference is I built from the ground;

you just built castles in the air .

I told myself I am the best, till I found that I am nothing in front of the many other I’s. then you came along and said I am the best and I believed you for I was fooled by ego and pride in the form of pep talk from you.

Your smile still brings a smile in my smile

but a different smile ,a smile of content that out of us one of us atleast got what both of us wanted together.

Its the smile of fulfillment seeing you happy.

Yes i am scared of the unknown, for i know its the unknown

You intimidate me in weird ways ,not scarceness nor barbarity

You intimidate me to judge more bout the world through your actions.

I will wait for you not because you are worth it

but no one else has made me feel they are worth me .

“can you hear me..??” asked my inner child to the adult mind .

The mind said am sorry grow up, to which the child said “exactly my point..!!”

cheers to life





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