Short posts #6

Why you shun your own brightness for the fear of darkness;

when its the same darkness which glorifies you.

The amount of fucks given to any person in any situation is directly proportional to the amount of respect one has to the person .

My nights are your mornings

my mornings are your nights.

For if i sleep in  your night

the demons shall arise from where you once saw the angel.

That same spot is nothing but a dark palace

You despise the demons and i dine with them

for when the angels plotted against me

it was the demons who gave me shelter and strength.

Come lets close our eyes for a min and act as the normal crowd and travel to dream land.

If you like it lets build one with the right dreams.

The butterflies started flying in my stomach again;

i tried to kill it then and there

but they resurfaced again even more powerful

and said “don be afraid, take a risk of contradiction, believe in Murphy’s law, believe in fate, believe in karma, one last time for its worth it..”

The wrong one had created a void so large that the right one had to risk it all at one take and still not be satisfied bout giving his best….

If some people are worth melting for, then

why not risk the mockery n take a risk for the one.

She saw his past and decided it dominates his present

He didn’t knew bout her past and decided it shall not affect their future together..;-)

Words do not touch her heart no matter how true they are

for may be once someone told untrue things to her true heart.

Cheers to life…:)






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