Silence of the words

Words are a beautiful way to express ones thoughts in general, yet it applies to those which can be expressed or rather valued. What bout those which cannot be expressed which is so valuable that no word in the vocabulary will pin pointedly express the exact emotion. For example say a mothers love for her child now we may say its deeper than the ocean vaster than the universe, brighter than the stars so on so forth but can a mothers love be merely expressed in those metaphors well surely no.


The phrase action speaks louder than words is an compilation of same feeling. It can be for any thing for happiness sadness anger guilt etc. so its okay to go numb or dumb out of words once a while that time or that instance of silence of the words that moment when the brain just switches itself off and says “am out , bro”can sometimes be really embarrassing.

But forget the embarrassment  think bout that moment which made you go berserk and silent, well it may be anything a happy moment or a sad. But a control mechanism kicks in at that moment where u blabber things which may not even make sense.

Feel those instances embrace it and just smile and say fuck it,its worth it.

There are certain instance’s where a person makes you feel that silence of words, i mean waav seriously it is ah literally scary same time exciting(Taking into acct this is a happy instance). One may be good with words good with thoughts good with alnost everything and then there comes a person who just makes you look dumb and just makes you say ‘ fuck this shit, i don mind becoming dumb ‘.

Something i say everyone must experience where your IQ your smartness your gestures your bloody you itself just go blank and literally numb.

Now i take it funnily,but when it happened it was so not so funny..hahahaha

Happiness is sometimes over rated..:P


Cheers to life



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