Lets get complicated…

We all have day to day conversation such as ‘how are you’, ‘ how was your weekend’ so on and so forth. sometimes we answer whole heartedly and at times we just put up a fake smile and just answer some pleasing answer. Its a social etiquette which for some reason goes unquestioned unchanged.

Once a while yes it does feel good but most of the time it is really annoying, so why not start off a new system why not change the old system why not just talk what you wanna talk bout.

Change is tough but not impossible so why not talk bot things that really really matter and just get on with it.

Anyways today i wanna talk bout complicated conversations, say like talks bout the stars the universe bout life bout plans bout what motivates ones what demotivates. That would actually help us understand each other may it be your colleague or neighbors  OR FREAKING SOME STRANGERS.  Society has touch the connection of human interaction we need to talk and socialize and actually enjoy it rather than talking petty crap.

We all have our interests and most of all we know little nice we start having these kinda conversation we will get to learn something new everyday for the world of knowledge is vast.

So it will bring people closer same time make them aware of how much they really know.

Sounds crazy so what..? crazy is fun..:D so whay sit and do small talks.

Come on get up talk bout anything you love

let the world change step by step.

Cause we need to be humans not technology obsessed crazy people.

Lets talk complicated.


Cheers to life



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