Running thoughts…




Optimism is like sun shades you use it when required the most not to impress others or look cool, but your clear your vision from the rays of the sun.

Apply same in life you get a clear vision,here the shades being symbolically optimism and the sun rays rays being the problems.

Do what it takes as long as it takes to see to it that you win no matter how hard the battle is for there is no glory without guts.

Let pain be your motivation, let failure be your driving force to accomplish more.

Let those laughs of others be your motivation, do not see the obstacles and fear the worst, just pick up the glares called optimism and wear it feel it and walk like a boss for pain is temporary glory is forever. The perfect time is now , there is no substitute for greatness. Be what you wanna be .

PIC  by – Myself location -Thadiyandemol hills, madekeri


Cheers to life



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